Wednesday, May 4, 2011


There is 6 basenji butts in this photo.  Why do people think it is so cute to take photos of our butts?  Maybe we should take photos of their butts and see how they would like it!

This is much better. Its better to see faces than butts anyday.  At least that is what I think, and since this is my blog, then I rule.  Right?

Its always a good time for treats!  I'm on the far left, then Scout, his sister Baree, then Dannii, and then Jenna, with Lola down on the bench looking up. She thinks she's going to get more, or maybe the first treat?

Now this one is interesting. Dannii is on the far right, and I am on the far left, we are both standing, while Jenna who is next to me, and then Scout who is next to Dannii are both standing.  Take note of the tails and which way they are curled.  How often does something like that happen?

 We met up with Foxy and her brother, and I forgot his name, and so did mom. Man, are we bad or what? Batman is at the lower left hand corner, and he lives with Foxy and her brother, then Jenna is sniffing something out, while I and Baree are checking out Foxy's brother.

We met up with 2 Whippets.  Meg is the white with grey markings, and she's facing away from the camera.  Molly is trying to check Scout out. Both of them were nice dogs.  They were bought from a breeder, and are half siblings.  Which mean's they have different fathers.

Ok, so we didn't get a picture of Foxy, but we do have a video of her "talking".  Mom thought it was funny, and videotaped it and here is the link if you want to check it out.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. That Foxy keeps up a running commentary, doesn't she?!


  2. I think our basenji butts are very, very cute, and I'm glad your mom took a picture of them. Also, I can agree with everything Foxy has to say. She is a very interesting girl.

    Your friend, Piper

  3. Well, you would agree with Foxy, Piper. Your both very opinionated! Which is a good thing! She just wouldn't shut up. Glad Jenna's not like that at home, but she is a true *itch! :>)

    Your friends,
    Zak,Dannii,Jenna (what did you just call me?)