Sunday, March 13, 2011

3-13-11 We had Star with us today

A panoramatic view of San Francisco on a cloudy day.

View of Alacatraz Island.  The rain held off for about a hour and a half, so we had a good time at the park today.

A Silken Windhound, there was three of them but this is the only one mom got a picture of.  His name is Aragon. Mom thought he was really pretty. She thought he was a Saloughi, but nope.

Of course, mom can not resist a "Frenchie".  This guy's name is Smoky.  I wonder why?

Ok, this here is Star, she is the one that is on the bench attached to the leash.  She knows us and mom but not well enough to be let completely off leash. Mom tried earlier, but Star took off going back in the opposite direction. Our friend Dale thought maybe Star was looking for her mom.  She is going to be going up for adoption soon, as her mom and dad got transferred to Alaska, and found out that they will not be able to take her.

A much better photo of Star, with San Francisco in the background.  Star got along very well with all of us and even the new dogs that we met today.  Mom is going to start bringing Star with us on Sundays now when we go to the park.

Star is on the leash, with Baree, two brindle females who got along very well.

Star and Dannii on the front seat of the car and on our way home.

A close up of Star.

We had already dropped Star off at her home, and we had to stop and get gas, and mom took a couple of pictures of us dogs.  This here is Dannii.

A very close up of me, Zak. I'm trying to look cool. Did it work?

Last, but not least, Jenna.  Does she have bug eyes or what?  She's in your face, or should say, camera.

This here is a picture we see all the time on our way home. Well, us dogs don't, as we don't get to go in the car everyday, but mom see's everyday. The hills are nice and green and filled with the ugly windmills!
Come summer these hills are going to be so ugly. I guess that's one of the reason's why California is called the "Golden State"?  Sure doesn't look golden to us.............just ugly. The sky doesn't look too bad in this photo, but when mom took the picture, the sky had black clouds, and very shortly after, it started raining.  How come the sky didn't show the dark black clouds, I wonder?

The rain held off, and we were almost all the way back to the car, when it started raining.  We got a good hour and a half of walking in.  It would have been longer, but mom got "lost" looking for Star's house. When she mapped it out, she left off one street name.

You all come back again, how hear?


  1. I'm ooooohing over the Silken Windhound...

    Do you guys rotate in the front seat, or does someone always get first "dibs"?

  2. Nope, we are usually all in the back. Since Star had wanted to sit up front, Dannii thought he would come up and keep her company.

    Yes, isn't the Silken Windhound beautiful? Very soft too.

  3. I like that silken windhound a lot. I wish we had one at our house! Star is a pretty girl, too. It's sad that she can't go to Alaska to live with her people, but maybe a grizzly bear would eat her, so it's better if she stays in California.

    Your friend, Piper