Sunday, March 6, 2011

Its raining!

As you can see, its raining today.  So, we didn't get to go to the dog park.  We don't do rain, we don't like getting our feet wet in the rain, we don't like the rain in our faces period!

You can see how green everything is!  Mom really like's it when the grass and the hills are all green, instead of the ugly brown. For some stupid reason, the state of California, call's it the "Golden" state!  ICK.

You can see the rain water puddle here. We had a tree cut down late last summer, and no one to help move the wood. Too heavy for mom to move by herself. She is going to try and sell it this summer, when it will be "seasoned", whatever that mean's.

This one, is taken in the backyard. It also has a puddle of rain water. Mom wanted to get out and mow the lawn before the rain's came, but it didn't happen.  Suppose to clear up after today, so maybe she can do it on her day off.

Don't know if you can see the rain dripping down or not. Mom thought it was kind of a cool picture. Stupid if you ask me. Who care's about the rain?  We don't. We get to stay indoors where its nice and dry......warm would be nice too, if we could get mom to make a fire in the wood stove!

You all come back, now hear?

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  1. You guys definitely have the right attitude about rain. It's yucky, and whenever it comes around, you should stay inside where it's safe and dry. We had some rain here this past week, too, but now we have had 3 days of sunshine, which is a very good thing!

    Your friend, Piper