Monday, February 28, 2011

2-27-2011 Our Basenji Meet-up!

Well, I have to tell you all that we had a great time!  We had a total of 14 basenji's show up. Two of them were brand new, and have never been to this meet-up group before.

This is NOT Lola!  This is Zorro, and we played with him before.  He's been to our meet-up's before.

This is one of the new dogs that came to our meet-up. Her name is Connie. As you can see, I wanted to check her out, but she was unsure of me, and was growling a little bit.

Not Zorro, but his littermate, Hobbes.  It is really hard tell them apart. Hobbes and Zorro look exactly alike, and then you throw Lola in, and from a far, you can't tell who is who!

See what I mean?  Lola, Hobbes and Zorro, with Dannii. Even he didn't know who was who!

But Greg is always great for some petting!  This is Jenna (naturally, and Dannii).  Benji is their foster boy who is up for adoption.  When we got over on the other side, Greg let him of leash, and he did really great!

This is either Zorro or Hobbes, meeting Cassie. Cassie and her sister, Sunshine have been to our meet-up's before too.

Benji, the foster boy.  He is looking for a "forever" home.  Anybody want to adopt him?  He's through BRAT (basenji rescue and transport). He's 6 years old.

Not all of us dogs stay together, but this was as close as to what mom could get of us basenji's in one picture.  Beautiful day at the park.

Another one of us b's, still not all of us, but close.

Back to our favorite picnic table.

We met Bodie and his brother Parker.  They seemed overwhelmed with all of us b's, and were a bit timid in coming to mom.  They have never seen us before with so many basenji's.

On our walk back.

One last handout from Robin. Her b's name is Toby and mom didn't get a single picture of him! He's in the group photo somewhere.

On a side note:  mom's granddaughter Kayli is out of ICU, and in a regular room.  She is still sick and still has pneumonia. She is able to eat a little bit on her own, as the doctors want to see if her kidneys are going to do their job, like they are suppose too.  So, mom says this is good news, and is still praying for a full recovery, so Kayli can go home soon.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Yup, we missed out! Looks like such great fun.
    Hope we can make it next month.

  2. Yes, it was too bad that you couldn't make it. But I understand that you were DJing, so you still had fun, right?

  3. Wow, looks like a blast! All those curly tails!! Great news about Kayli; sending positive thoughts for continued improvement.

  4. You sure had a lot of basenjis all together in one place! It must have been fun. You need more black-and-white basenjis, though, and maybe some brindles. Why should the red-and-whites and the tris have all the fun? LOL

    I'm glad Kayli is doing better. I hope she is all well soon!

    Your friend, Piper

  5. Piper, we did have one brindle female, Baree. She is one of our friends along with her brother, a tri boy, named Scout. We meet them almost every Sunday, except when its raining. We haven't seen very many black and white one's. Would be nice, as mom's first basenji, MzLilli, was a black and white.