Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Well mom wanted me to tell you all that she has been called a lot of name's over the year's but never, ever has she ever been called a "human treat dispenser"!
I have to admit, that its kind of funny. Course she feed's all the darn dogs that come around. Including this very pushy Pug. Even mom kind of mad at him at the end, he didn't want to take no for an answer. He just wanted the rest of our treats!

Our good buddies, Bodie & his brother, Parker, showed up. Mom always makes sure that they get some treats too.  We like them, they are not pushy like that dumb Pug was!  Do you see Bowdu, the Shiba?  It was a surprise to see them at the park that day.

We even got to meet another Shiba named Mocha. Only 2 years old, and Bowdu didn't seem to mind him too much.  Bowpi is facing Baree (she has her butt to the camera).

Mom is going to put paper and a pencil in her fanny pack, so when she meets dogs at the park and if she takes their picture, then she can write down the name of that dog.  I told her to do that a long time ago, and she did, but she changed fanny packs, and never put the pad of paper or pencil in the new fanny pack.  At that time tho, she only used the paper to ask other people if she could get some copies or even email of the pictures that those people took of us basenji's.

The pictures are out of order "again", but she wanted everyone to kind of get what this park look's like when we first arrive. The only thing she did not take a picture of, was the parking lot.

When we first arrive. The parking lot is right behind mom, who took the picture.

The fairway, as mom like's to call it. We are heading for the footbridge, which is waaay down at the bottom of the picture. Don't think you can see it in this picture tho.

That look's like Dannii right at the bottom of the picture.  At least it look's like his collar.

We heard Lola before we even saw her!  She just growls at all of us basenji's.  What fun that is going to be next Sunday when we have our meet-up.

Jenna went right in for the pats. I have to admit, that I did too. I am on the far left with the guy who has the red shirt on. Scout is on that guy's right, and it look's like Dannii is checking out the snarky Lola.

Mom never did find out this dog's name, but he took a liking to us. I (Zak) am standing kind of close to that dog, and Jenna is off on the far left.  Mom thought this dog was kind of cute.

Dannii is center of the picture on the bottom. You can just barely see his eyes. Bowdu is on his left.  Our friend, Scout is the Tri boy, with Parker to the right of him. Bodie is sitting very nicely, and that is Bowpi coming up to Bodie's mom. Maybe Bowpi think's there is food?

The other side, and we are walking back. Lots of nice new smell's after all the rain that we have had.  It doesn't look like it from this picture, but there was a lot of people and dogs there that day.

Heading back to the parking lot......the fairway in the opposite direction.  This inlet has seen a lot of dogs swimming, or just playing around in the muck when the tide is out.

You all come back again, now hear?

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  1. I like how you guys dive right in for the pettings. I hate to admit it (since both Shiba and Basenji have a reputation for being "aloof" and "standoffish"), but I do have a soft spot for cuddlebugs!

    I think it will be interesting if we ever meet Lola. Too bad we didn't run into her that day. We usually don't go down the fairway side -- the other half of the park is plenty of park for us!