Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jan 30, 2011, the new dogs we met

This is a Sloughi. Don't confuse it with a Saluki. Still a sighthound.  Too bad mom forgot this puppy's name. He is only four months old, and very nice, and friendly. For some reason Jenna does not look too happy.

Do you see the Shiba Inu?  His name is Bowdu and his sister is right smack in front, Bowpi, the basenji.  We have met these two before, but we were the only one's who showed up for our Basenji meet-up, due to threatening rain.  wimps.


Last, but not least is this Bordeaux puppy, named Dozer. That's short for Bulldozer, folks.  Just look at his feet, and he too is only four months old!  He's going to be one big bulldozer! hehehehe.

Well, as I said mom had forgot her camera, but her friend that owns Bowdu and Bowpi took these pictures.
Thank you Mengshin.

You all come back again, ya hear?



  1. Dear 3 Amigos,

    You have some really interesting dog friends. I get to meet some different kinds of dog breeds at Doggy Daycare sometimes, but I haven't been there for a long time. I think that sloughi boy is very cute. I might want him to be my boyfriend, if I ever met him! LOL

    I'm sorry you got all wet in the rain. I hate it when that happens! We have nothing but very cold, deep snow here right now, so we are just staying in the house and taking lots of naps.

    Your friend, Piper

  2. Hi Piper,
    That's what we get to do, all week! Since mom has to work, we don't go anywhere during the week, so we stay home and try and snuggle in/on her bed to keep warm. The house is cold when there is no fire in the woodstove, but the sun is coming out, and it will be warm (for a little while), this afternoon.

    Yeah, we didn't like getting wet either, but since we were already out and on our way back to the car, there was nothing we could do.