Monday, January 31, 2011

Basenji Meet-up for January 30, 2011

No pictures this time. Again, mom went off and forgot the camera!  We almost didn't go, as it was raining. But mom had been watching the weather news, and did a slow mo thing on the radar to see if and when the clouds and rain were going to leave over Point Isabel.  She figured around 11am (our meet time), the clouds would be gone.  Her friend and our friends (Scout and Baree) wasn't going. They said it was raining and they didn't want to get wet. Mom tried to tell them that the rain was going to stop by then, but they still didn't want to listen.  We had another friend that decided to go (Bowdu and Bowpi, a Shiba and a Basenji).  Mom forgot to tell her that she was going to be late getting there, but they were still there when we finally got there.  There was patchy blue skies with some clouds. But, NO rain, and it was even kind of warm and No wind either!  It was nice.  We were the only one's who showed up. Everybody chickened out because of the rain!

We got to meet and greet a new visitor who had never been there before as he was only four months old.  His owner said the dog was a "Salughi", not to be confused with a Saluki.  Mom thought the dog was very handsome. We thought he was skinny, but nice.  Mom said that is the way those dogs are suppose to be, and when he runs, he will out run us!  I don't think so.  Mom says we are slowing down because of our age, and thats why that dog would be able to out run us!  How dare she say a thing like that to us!!  Ok, that dog is only a puppy, and I am 6 years old, Jenna is 9 years old, and the ol grump, Dannii is 11 years old.  So, maybe mom has something there.  Even tho we don't like to admit it.

Our friends left after we had been there about an hour, or so. So we finished our walk around, and lo and behold, it started raining!  At first it was kind of a drizzle, then it rained!  Mom was layered up in coats, but all she had was a hoodie over her head, and us poor dogs had nothing!  I had my ears down and out, mom calls that airplane flaps, Jenna's ear's were down and back. and Dannii could care less!  Boy, did we get wet. Jenna and I started whinning, just to let mom know that we didn't like the rain.  There was nothing she could do, as we were still probably about a mile away from the car, so we just had to keep on trucking on.  Once we got to the car, we "waited" till we were inside the car to shake the water off!  Mom was NOT happy about that.  She said that now the car smells of wet dog.  Serves her right for making us go out in the rain, if you ask me.

You all come back again now, ya hear?


  1. We uploaded some pictures for you! Hope you got a chance to check them out. Let me know if you want me to e-mail any of them to you.

    It was pouring by the time we got to the parking lot. I bet you all enjoooyed that. ;)

  2. yep, we got caught in the rain, and we were not happy about that! Jenna and I kept whinning to mom, but there was nothing she could do as we still quite aways from the car. Dannii didn't care for stupid reason. Mom got really soaked too, and boy was she cold!

    enjoooyed? I don't think so.