Monday, December 13, 2010

12-12-2010 My 11th Birthday

Today I turned 11 years old.  My name is Dannii Houdini, as I am a great escape artist! Which makes mom very worried at times.  She promised me something real good in my breakfast bowl, but it didn't happen.  She said that we were running late to get to the dog park as we were meeting our friends. So, she said that she would make it up to me at dinner time.

I am such a good looking dude!  I really like the girls and they like me too.  Well, most of them do. The one's who don't, I don't know what their problem is.  Just look at this face.  What's not to like?
  (mom, you better be quiet)

I just don't want mom to tell anything bad about me, especially on my birthday. I'm not perfect, but then nobody is.  I am who I am.


This is a very pretty little tri girl named Lola.  We all met her for the very first time.  Her owner's had just moved here from the state of Washington.  She's 5 years old.  This here is Zak, and as you can see she is growling at him for him to stay away from her.  Zak doesn't listen, he is in your face kind of guy.

This is me walking next to Lola, she's leery, but at least she's not growling at me, which is a plus in my book.  I let her have her space, but I did let her know that I thought she was very cute.  She has a very nice tight tail, just the way I like 'em.  My own tail used to be very, very tight.  But when mom would have to make me move at night, so I wouldn't kick her, she would grab my tail and turn me around. Now my tail is not so tight anymore.

This is our favorite picnic table, and there was no one sitting there!  So, we all ran and jumped up on the table, and I was yelling to mom to hurry and take the picture. She can be slow in taking pictures sometimes, and hardly gets us all facing in the same direction, but she must have been listening this time, as the picture turned out pretty good.  You can see how foggy it was because you can usually see San Francisco right behind us. We're a pretty good looking bunch, don't ya think?

I got sardines in my dinner bowl for dinner.  I have never had sardines before.  Boy, they were very good.  Mom gave one piece to Jenna and Zak, and all the rest to me and mixed it in with my kibble.  I asked her if we could have sardines every night, but she said no.  She said then that they would not be a treat and then I would probably get tired of eating them everyday.  I don't think that would happen, but she said that it would.  Jenna's 9th birthday is on the 21st, and I asked her if we were going to have sardines for her birthday too, but she doesn't know yet. It might be something else.  We hope not, sardines are very good!  We also got doggie ice cream.  Mom said it wasn't really fair (even tho it was MY birthday), not to let Jenna and Zak have some

I am sacked out by the wood stove after dinner. Does this picture make me look fat?  Please don't tell me yes.  I don't want to hear it.  Mom says Zak is getting fat "again", and "again" she is going to have to put him on a diet.  Hopefully, not me. I don't want to get any less food than I already get!

I got too hot laying that close to the woodstove. Usually, I can stay that close all night, but for some reason, I got kind of warm and had to move. Jenna is behind me, closer to the woodstove.

Over all, I had a pretty good day.  When we got home, mom had to bring some things in from the car. Us dogs were already in the house, and when mom went to make another trip out to the car, Jenna and I got out! Poor Zak got snagged by mom and didn't get out the door quick enough. She kept an eye on us the whole time, but would not chase us. Jenna finally gave it up and returned to mom when she called her, but I kept running. About ten minutes later, it was no longer any fun, and I came up to the door to be let in. I thought mom would be really mad at me, but she wasn't.  She just said that she hoped I had a good time.

That's about it for now.  You all come back again, now hear?

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  1. What a fantastic group shot! Even though you can't really see the city in the background, it's kind of appropriate in a way.

    I think all three of you are looking great. And you obviously still have the speed and wits to dart out the door. Well, except unlucky Zak, but I'm sure he could get out too if he really wanted to. ;)

    Happy birthday! Hmm, looks like you have to update your sidebar...!