Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Birthday 11-30-2010 (A day late)

It never fails, when its my birthday, mom always forget to let me write in the blog!

 This is my birthday picture.  I wasn't too interested in the camera, I was checking out the cat that was standing behind mom. 

I got eggies in my breakfast bowl along with my kibble. It was very good.  I love eggies.  I had to share with Dannii and Jenna, but I got more eggies than they did.  Just don't tell them, ok?

Mom also took a close up, but she cut my left ear off!

She does that sometimes.  She doesn't take very good pictures, although she would like too, but if you ask me, I think she waits too dang long!  She's got an ok camera, but if she snaps pictures one right after the other, it will only save the first three.

Mom and her son, went out side to cut some wood for kindling (we got a wood stove), and when mom came back in, she didn't shut the screen door all the way, so all three of us dogs got to go outside, and run for awhile.  Mom was not too happy about that, as all three of us headed up to the road.  Thankfully no car's were coming. We just kept running around, we would run back down our driveway, and around the house, chasing the cats, then we ran back up to the road.  Jenna and I were mostly following Dannii, where he went, we went.  Mom got her keys and came down the road to look for us. Again, Jenna and I thought maybe mom was going to go somewhere without us, so she stopped and opened the door, and Jenna and I jumped in.  Dannii however, wouldn't come, but he did go back down the road towards the house. So mom just drove us home.  What was up with that?  We thought we was going to get to go somewhere!  We wouldn't have gotten in the car otherwise!  Not fair. Course then she put the leashes on us and took us into the house and all the while, Dannii is still outside, running!  Mom kept watching him, and decided to let him run off the energy. He never went back down to the road. He was mainly chasing the wild cats up the trees in the back field.  He finally got tired of that, and since Jenna and I was in the house, he decided to come back. He was at the front door and mom just opened the door (son had ahold of me and Jenna so we couldn't get out), and Dannii just came in the house...............pleased as he could be!  That should have been was MY BIRTHDAY!

You all come back again, now hear!


  1. Dear Zak,
    You look very handsome in your birthday pictures, even with one ear cut off! I am glad you got eggies for your birthday and even got to run around and have an adventure.

    I'm a little late wishing you a Happy Birthday, so I will just wish you a happy year!

    Your friend, Piper

  2. Awww, eggies are always better than risking an encounter with crazy drivers on the road. Don't be too sore about it -- it's for the best!

    Happy [belated] birthday, handsome!