Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Halloween (even tho its late)

This here, is Dannii.  I did just have a tee-shirt on him that says "Will do tricks, for treats"; but it didn't show up too clearly, as its on the back.  The tee-shirt has gotten too big for him, and the neckline was down to his shoulders!  So, I put Zak's so called "costume" on Dannii and took his picture.

This is Jenna.  Its too bad you can't see the top of her head for the smiling pumkins!  She didn't care too much for the so called "hat" but she kept it on long enough, so I could take her picture.

This here is Zak, and no he doesn't look too happy.  He did not like having the mo-hawk on his head, but he did sit still long enough so I could get his picture.  Just too bad, he didn't put his ears up!

We had 11 basenji's show up for our annual once a month meet-up at Point Isabel.  Do you know how hard it is to get 11 basenji's into one picture?  This here, at least show's 8 of them.
It turned out to be a beautiful warm and sunny day. I had been praying all week for it not to rain on this Sunday.  We have had rain off and on ALL week.  I just didn't care what kind of weather we had, just as long as it did not rain!  GOD, is so good, that he gave us the most perfect day, warm, and no wind.  Just beautiful.

Jenna decided to get her close up taken.  I have to tell you, that she got seperated from us at one point. I had a lady come up asked if one of my dogs had on a orange pumpkin jacket. When I said, yes. She told me that Jenna was way back in the opposite direction that we had come from.  So I turned around to go find her, and she was standing with some people, and when I called her, she just looked at me, like she was in trouble, or something.  I gave her a good rub and told her she was ok now. She didn't leave my side for the rest of the day.

This here is Zorro, he's 8-9 months old now.  So very cute.  I like it when Perry brings him to these meet-ups, as he's the one to get everyone to do the basenji-500!

This here is a very old, old friend from about 45-46 years ago!  Neither one of us was 21 yet, so this had to be back in 1967 when we first dated.  His name is Lyn, and he lived back east in Missouri for many years.  I had found his son several years ago, and asked him to have his dad give me a call, and we had been in touch off and on, ever since then.  He moved out here to Hayward (about an hours drive from me), to help out his sister who has a few health issues.  This day was the first time we had seen each other since 1967!  The little pup he is holding is "Angelique", and its too bad that she didn't turn her head around so she was looking at the camera.  Dannii (who has his tee-shirt on), is standing right behind Lyn, and looking down at something.  Two old farts, 45 years later.  Who would have guessed?

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  1. Dear Aunt Marti,
    I liked seeing all the pictures of basenjis, even if you did make them wear costumes! That mohawk thing looks really funny on Zak! I am glad it didn't rain while you were all having a fun day at Point Isabel. It didn't rain here in Missouri either!
    Your friend,