Sunday, October 17, 2010

It Rained today

Mom knew better........she just knew better, but did she do anything about it? Noooooooooooooo.  When we got to our favorite park, Point Isabel, of course, it was RAINING!!!  How dare she make us dogs get out of the nice warm car and go out into the rain.  It was our "first day of rain" since early summer!

See, it wasn't raining here at home we left. It does take us an hour to drive to our favorite park tho. Mom was watching the news last night to find out about the weather, and it did say a "chance" of showers for the valley. Nothing about the bay area which is San Francisco and Oakland area.  She knew it would probably be a lot cooler today than what it was last Sunday, so she brought a jacket for herself.  But, low and behold, RAIN.  Not our cup of tea or anything related to dogs.  We hate the rain.  We won't even go out in the yard and do our "duty" if its raining.  Well, I will (Zak), but I make quick work of it  so I can get back inside as quickly as possible.  Jenna, the royal "pain in the tush", will not even get her dainty paws wet, if its raining, she will go on the garage floor, the carpet is even better, if its too cold in the garage.

So, how dare mom make us all go for our walk in the rain!  I do have to say it wasn't a pouring down rain, it was more like a hard drizzle, but it was enough for all of us to get wet.  For some reason, Dannii didn't seem to care, as he just kept running around.  Course every tree we came to, we ran underneath the branches and used it as an umbrella.  Mom thought this was so funny.  She didn't bring her umbrella, but her girl friend had one.  Mom got soaked also. The hood on her jacket and the whole back of her jacket was soaked. So, she got cold real fast.  Scout (the girl friend's basenji), was hanging his tail down, and he was not happy either.  Jenna, kept whinning, and that was probably a good thing..........cuz we got to leave early!!  Back to the nice warm, dry car!

Mom saw quite a few fender benders going to the park, and coming home.  She kept saying things like people just drive too darn fast for the first day of rain!  Hopefully, nobody was seriously hurt in any of those fender benders!

That's all for now.  You all come back again, now hear?

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  1. Oh no! Rain is awful! I don't like to go out in the rain either. I am sorry that your fun day at the park got ruined by rain. We had a little rain here today (Monday), but not too much, thank goodness.

    You stay warm and dry, okay?

    Your friend, Piper