Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No pictures this time

I just don't know about mom anymore.  I think she's loosing it big time, but don't let her hear that I told you this, she would not be happy!
She is on a list for people who have basenji's and that's us (Dannii,Jenna, and me Zak), anyway she puts up a new photo of the month to their web site and then let the members know that there is a new picture up and who the dog is and who the dog belongs too.  Well, she put up a new photo and got the name of the dog correct, but NOT the owner!  This is the first time that she has ever done that, and to say the least, she was very embarrassed.  She apologized the the list, and even wrote to the owner of the said dog, and apologized to her. Thankfully, the owner wasn't mad or anything, and did understand, and did tell mom that she has done a great job putting up the pictures.  If you want to check out the web site, you can go to

Personally, Jenna wouldn't be caught dead in something like that, but mom and a whole bunch of people on the list think it is really cute.  Mom would like to dress us up, but have a hard time finding something that would fit.  She did get a t-shirt for Dannii, that say's "will do tricks for treats".  Since Halloween is on a Sunday this month, and in fact its the "last" Sunday of the month, she is trying to find something for Jenna and me to wear when we go to the dog park in style.

So ok then, that's about all the news we have so far.  I know its not much, but hey, I'm trying here, even though mom isn't.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Oh yeah!! Halloween at the dog park!
    My guys will be dressed up as... a shiba and a basenji. =)

  2. Dear Zak,
    Tell your mom not to be too hard on herself because everybody makes mistakes. And you should also tell her not to make you wear some really goofy Halloween outfit. One thing that's good about my mom (besides the fact that she feeds us) is that she doesn't make us wear costumes. Heck, I don't even like to wear a sweater, so I wouldn't be caught dead in a costume! But that's just me. I guess some people and their dogs might actually like it!
    Your friend, Piper