Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What day is this and what time is it?

Us dog's we don't usually know what day it is or the time of day.  We usually go by a set pattern governed by mom.

We got to go to our favorite dog park in all of the world (Point Isabel, of course), and mom picked up our friend Japhey (pronounced as Jap ee).  Him and Dannii met about 6 years ago, before Jenna and I came to live here. Mom used to dog-sit Japhey when his parents (both were in the Air Force at the time) got called to duty.  Now, we haven't seen Japhey in about a year. His parents are now divorced, and Japhey is living with the x husband, as mom call's him.  So mom got his phone number from Japheys mom, and she called and asked if she could take Japhey with us to the park, and surprise, surprise, he said, yes!  We's was so excited! Mom had a hard time getting pictures of Japhey as he is constantly in motion, and hardly ever stops. But, she did get some.

This is a picture of Japhey but he's kind of far off, doing his own thing. He loves to explore.

This is Japhey and I.  I am on the left side.  I can't remember what we were talking about, but apparently I wasn't liking what Japhey was saying.

Jenna is on the far left, and then me (Zak), with Japhey coming towards us. He looks like he is hot. All of us dogs got some nice cool water to drink, and Japhey was no where to be found so he could get a drink too. But he did get some a little bit later.  I have to tell you, it was very warm that day.  Mom thinks it was in the high 80's. It was very nice at the park, but very warm also.  For once, mom didn't need a jacket.

Japhey is resting his head on the back of Dannii. Notice he is on the leash, as mom didn't want him taking off as we were closing to leaving.

This one here, we were all checking out some interesting smells in that bush there.  There was a lot of p-mail, for us dogs, and we were all trying to decipher the mail.

We met up with a Whippet, and we were running with him, but he was mostly chasing a frisbee, and he didn't like it too much when us dogs decided he was fun to chase.  As you can see, his owner was using the frisbee to hold water so all us dogs could get a drink of water.

Your's truly, Zak.  Do I look fat in this picture?  If you are going to say, yes........don't tell me.  I don't want to hear it, as mom will then put me back on a diet.  Dang, she's going to do it anyways, she just told me!  

This is Jenna, and probably my butt. hehehehe.  For once she didn't take enough pictures of Dannii to get a good one of him, by his self.

Mom met this dog, actually a 4 month old puppy, named Cooper.  She just loved his face.  Some kind of a wired-haired dog. But very friendly and mom thinks, very sweet.

This is Japhey.  He sure looks thirsty huh?  That's what he gets for running and running.  Doesn't take time out for a drink of water.  That's me just looking at him.  I know I am telling him something, but I forgot what it was. Its obvious he wasn't listening anyways.

That's enough of pictures.  Mom thought she lost her cell phone Tuesday night, but she found it in the school's driving car on Wednesday morning.  She had to take Jenna back to the vet's because her stinky breath came back.  The vet said that Jenna has Stomatitis, and he put her on Clindamycin 150mg 2x a day for the next two weeks.  She's got to back in then for a recheck, and may have to stay on the Clindamycin for another two weeks.  It depends on what the vet finds in two weeks from now.

Today would have been mom's youngest son Beau's 32nd birthday.  He died when he was 13 years old, so we never got to meet him.  Mom say's that now Beau has been with God longer than he was with her, and she's thankful for that, but she still misses him very much.  He died Christmas of '91.

We don't write every day, but we are trying to write at least once a week, more if we can, and if we have anything new to report.

You all come back again, now hear?

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  1. Dear Zak,
    You guys always have a good time at the dog park, and it looks like a great place. We don't have very many dog parks here, and even if we did, Mom wouldn't take Gabe because he always ends up getting in a fight. But she might take Barry and Mel. Anyway, I'm glad your friend Japhy got to go along, too.

    I hope Jenna gets all cured from her stomatitis stuff. I never heard of it before, but Mom says she knows someone whose cat has it. I think if our moms have to spend lots of money on our medicines and vet bills, it is a good way for them to prove how much they love us. Hahahaha! But it would be better if they would spend the money on dog treats.

    I'm sorry about your mom's son, Beau. Maybe you can give her some kisses or snuggles and try to make her not be so sad.

    Your friend, Piper