Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another day and another surprise

We got to go to the point today. It was the same as usual, but on the way back to the cafe, mom ran into a friend of her's that she hasn't seen for several months.  Her name is Kalie (pronounce as Ka lay), she's married to someone else now, which mom knew about, and Kalie had Star with her. We get along with Star but we sure like her brother Japhey alot more. Japhey is living with Kalie's x-husband.  Mom asked if Kalie would email her Paul's phone number so she can call and ask him if she could take Japhey with us to the point, and Kalie said that she would.  The surprise turned out to be that Kalie is going to have a baby the end of February. We wanted to know if she is going to have multiple babies, and if we could have one?  But mom explained to us, that human's (most of the time) have only one baby. Sometimes there can be two or three. But mom said no, we can't have any human babies. She's a poor sport. We thought having a baby in the house would be great, but mom explained that they cry ALOT and need to be fed ALOT and lots of other things.  So maybe it is a good thing that we don't have any babies in the house, as it would probably eat up all of our dog food!
This here is a picture that mom got of a squirrel when we were on our way back to the cafe.  He was sitting out in the open just munching away on something. Mom and her friend and some other people who stopped and were petting us dogs, all made the comment that the squirrel was a brave little soul to be out in the open like that. I have to admit, I didn't see him and I guess Jenna didn't either, but Dannii sure did, and he went over to check him with the hopes of maybe having a snack. But the squirrel was fast, and he scampered back in under the rocks.

As you can see, Dannii got close and we thought that he almost had himself a snack, but the squirrel was alot quicker than Dannii thought.  After wards, Jenna and I were over among the rocks to see if we could find him, but am sorry to report, that the squirrel went deep under the rocks and we couldn't find him.

Mom got another basenji decal for her car. She had one just like this on the red zoom zoom, but it was in white.  This one she got in a coppery red, so it matches our fur!  Wasn't that kind of her to do?  You can also see the magnetic bumper sticker she has that was on the other car also. It has our pictures on it which we think is really cool.

This is a close up of the basenji decal. We think it looks great.  How about you?

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. "We wanted to know if she is going to have multiple babies, and if we could have one?" *chuckle*... Silly...

    We actually witnessed a dog kill a ground squirrel or gopher of some sort at the Point once! Definitely felt sorry for the rodent, but it was over pretty quickly. I know they're around all the time, but this is the season when they seem more active, come to think of it...

  2. This is the first time we ever saw a squirrel. We've seen other small critters peaking out of holes in the ground that we tried to go after. But this was a first for all of us.

  3. Dear 3 Amigos,
    Our squirrels in Missouri live in trees instead of in holes, but I guess it is hard to catch them no matter where they live. My brother Gabe caught one once, but then Barry took it away from him, and after that, Mom took it away and threw it in the trash. What a waste of good squirrel meat!

    I really like your basenji decal on your new zoom zoom. I asked Mom if we could get one, but she said we already have enough stickers and stuff on our car.

    Your friend, Piper