Sunday, August 29, 2010

Our Basenji Meet-up

was not as expected.  Was hoping we would have a large turn out, like we did last month where we had 14 basenji's.  Sadly, we only had 9 today, which I guess really isn't that bad.  There was 3 new basenji's.  One is a foster boy, and his name is Benjie.  This here is a picture of him, he is the one on the far right with the halter and leash attached. When you look at him, he is small, like a female, but not quite that small, and he looks alot younger than he really is.  He's 6 years old.

We also had a new guy join us, with 2 female basenji's.  The man's name is Chris, and he works nights, and really didn't think he would be able to make it, but he did.  One female is 13 years old, and the other one, is only 2 years old.  Mom brought her regular camera and her video camera.  She had her friend take the regular pictures, while mom was the video.  I guess her friend didn't get any photos of Sunshine and Chrissie. Which is what these two dog's name's are.

We met up with a Chi, who really took a liking to Scout (in the foreground).  Mom thought he was really cute, and he was not afraid of all of us basenji's gathered around him.  Mom had both camera's at that time, and her friend had to tell her that that would be a great picture.  This guy had his front paws up on Scouts back, and he wanted to play, but Scout is not the playing kind of dog.  But he took all of this in stride, and just kept moving so the Chi had to move also.

This here is Nancy and her husband is taking pictures of us dogs.  Nancy kept handing out treats like they were candy, and us dogs would not leave her alone.  This is Jenna that jumped up to Nancy to get some more treats. Jenna can be really pushy when it come's to food.
I don't either!  You and Dannii are the one's who are all over everybody trying to get all the treats for yourselves!


How many basenji's do you count in this photo?  There is actually 6. One is on the far side of Dannii, and you can barely make out part of the dog's chest. Mom is also handing out treats, so us dogs are on her like white on rice. Food, its all about the food!  Don't let anyone tell you different!  As you can see, Scout is the only one that truly stands out like a sore thumb, as mom would say.  He's the only Tri in the whole bunch, and his sister is a brindle.

Now here is all 9 of us basenji's looking for a treat from mom. Well, as you can see, Angus, must have gotten his already and was walking away. That's just dumb if you ask me, you always staying and hope you get more than just one treat. Mom is usually pretty good about handing out more, if everybody behaves politely.  We seem to be doing ok, nobody is jumping. Ok, so we're not sitting, but we ain't jumping either!  Which is a good thing. Right?

Here's eight of us still looking for hand outs, and they are forth coming.  We had a good day for treats, I can tell you that, cuz mom is usually stingy about handing out treats.  We don't know why she hands them out to lots of other dogs, but for us, she is really stingy with the food.  Nancy was pretty good about handing out the treats too, and it seem's to me that she gave Jenna alot more treats than she gave to either me or Dannii, or any of the other b's

Nancy said I had a cute face, and that's why I got more treats than you stupid boys! So there!

 Somebody came by with a 4 month old Pit Bull puppy, and mom just fell head over heels for that pup!  I have to admit, that he is kind of cute, and his name is "Pilot".  Funny name if you ask me.  What kind of name is that for a dog? This pup kept give mom lots of kisses, while her friend snaps some pictures, but she didn't get any of Pilot giving mom any kisses. It was her first time here and her owner said that she was doing real good with all the different dogs and people. He said that he was going to keep bringing her so she can get socialized real well.  Mom think's that that is a good thing, especially for a pit bull. So far, this pup is very sweet and mom just hopes that she stays that way.

Well, we're on our way back and here's all of us, except for Benji (which is on a leash). There's 8 of us here, and that is Dannii way up in front with his back to the camera, as he is headed towards the other side of the park. Mom call's him and he stops, and waits sometimes, not always.  One time, he took off and went to the cafe and by the time mom and her friend got there, he had stolen somebody's hot dog off the table!  So Mom puts all of us on the leash a little while after this photo was taken.

We had a good day.  I hope you all had a good day too
You all come back again, ya hear?


  1. Soooo many B's! 9 sounds like plenty -- I'm already dizzy from looking at the pack. It really is cute. Bowpi would blend in nicely with all the little red and whites. Bowdu is NOT good about competing for treats though. He snaps at other dogs if they get too close, so we've had to ask people not to pass out treats while he's around. He's been really good about it at the pet store, maybe because he only has to deal with Bowpi's nosy nose, but he's not so restrained with strange dogs. It's not fair to the other pups who can keep their cool when DELICIOUS FOOD is at stake.

    I'll have to figure something out for next month's meetup. This must've been a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Dear Amigos,
    Wow, you guys had a good time at the basenji meet-up thing. Our mom doesn't usually take us to dog parks because she is afraid Gabe will start a fight with somebody. That Gabe is so dumb. He thinks every dog is his enemy, but he's wrong. Lots of dogs are really nice.
    Your friend, Piper

  3. There were no fights. As for the treats being handed out, everybody was pretty good. Some would try and take a treat that was being offered to another dog, but whoever was handing out the treats, made sure the dog that was suppose to get the treat, got the treat.
    Shibasenhi, it would be very nice to meet you and hopefully you can come next month. The reason for so many treats this time was because the organizer of this event, had the foster, and it was his first time there, so they just wanted to make sure he was minding, and behaving, which is why there was alot of treats. Sometimes, mom will give some treats to the owner of a dog that is shy or whatever, when there is so many dogs, so that person can take their dog off to the side and give it treats without all the other dogs being right on top of them.
    Piper, Dannii and I like to growl sometimes at another dog, and mom gets upset when we do that, so she brings the muzzles along. I growled at another dog yesterday, so mom slapped the muzzle of shame on me. I felt so humiliated, that I hung my head in shame. After a minute or so, she took it off, and I didn't do that again. You are right alot of dogs are very nice, but once in awhile, you find some that are not.

    Your friends,