Saturday, August 7, 2010

The view from our back and front yard

Since I am always writing about our favorite dog park (Point Isabel), I thought I would treat you all to something new.  I thought that maybe you would like to see where Dannii and Jenna and I live, along with mom and her human son.

This is a picture from our backyard, looking east. Not much to see is there?  Those tree's house all kinds of birds. Anywhere from starlings to hawks and owls. We usually hear the owls in the early mornings, like around 5a.m.  Don't they know that us dogs like to sleep in? That's too early to wake up.  Mom sometimes call them our alarm clocks and she says they are much easier to listen to, than to roosters that crow really loud. Thank goodness we don't have any neighbors that have roosters. I would try and eat them!

This picture here, is looking west from our backyard.  Now do you see why we get so excited when we get to go to our favorite dog park?  There is just nothing here to do. This farm land belongs to someone else, and we are not allowed to go out there. Tho Dannii and I have gotten loose a few times, we have gone out to the trees in the above picture, and once or twice we have chased some cats in this photo here. But for the most part, its pretty boring out here.

This picture here is looking east, down our driveway.  Several years ago, those windmills weren't even there! Just those hills. Now all those hills are covered with windmills!  Our driveway is just about a football field to the main road.  Our taxi is the red car, and human son owns the silver car parked behind mom's.  When Dannii and Jenna and I have gotten out of the house a few times, we would run down this road. I am careful not to go out onto the road tho, cuz I could get hit by a car or a big bad truck. Mom gets really nervous and scared when we dogs happen to get out of the house and take off down this road. She come's after us right quick, and yells "cookie" at the top of her lungs. But we dogs don't care, we just want to explore and smell all the smell's that other animals leave behind. I think mom call's it "pee mail".

This picture here, is also from our front yard, but its looking south east.  If you look closely, you can see some mountains in the background (after the tree's), that is a long way from where we live, and there is a very deep river between us and those mountains.  Its called the Sacramento River. Some big ships come up the river to go to Sacramento to unload their freight or to pick up some freight. Mom's human grand-daughter lives over there, in a town called Antioch. She can not get there from here. It takes about 40 minutes to drive over there, as they have to go up and around. Human son wishes that they would put in a bridge or a ferry, to cross the river here, then it wouldn't take him so long to drive over to see his daughter.  But, that will never happen, at least not in our dogs lives.

.Well, its getting late, and mom wants to go to bed, so we can all get up and go to Point Isabel tomorrow!

You all come back now, ya hear?


  1. Dear Zak,
    Wow! You guys really live out in the country! We have houses all around us where we live, and there are no farms or windmills unless you drive a long, long way. Are there any cows or horses or camels outside your fence? I would like to meet some in person and not just look at pictures of them on the internet.
    Your friend, Piper

  2. Yep, there are cows, and sheep, No horses, and no camels either. The cows are big, but there are just curious and they come up to the fence to sniff us, and some will even put their heads down so us dogs can scratch their heads for them. Dannii and I have done that before, but not Jenna.

  3. I wish we had cows here so I could scratch their heads, but we don't have any. I asked Mom if we could get some, but she said our neighborhood is not zoned for cattle, whatever that means. So I guess we can't have any cows. But at least we have squirrels and bunnies and possums and rats!
    Your friend, Piper

  4. We got scrawny squirrels and bunnies and possums, skunks and ALL kinds of birds too. Neighbor has roller pigeons, whatever they are.

    Your friends