Sunday, August 22, 2010

We got a new Zoom Zoom

This is our new zoom-zoom. It looks exactly like the red one mom used to have. The only thing is that this one is two years newer (2008) and its kind of gray in color. Actually its more of a purplish gray. You can't tell in the photo tho. But standing outside in the sunlight you can tell.  Also, this one is not a hatchback like our red one was. But, the salesman laid down the back seats for mom and there is lots of room, just like with the red one. Little things, no fog lights, no hatchback, no back windshield wiper, but mom can live with all that. Inside of the car is exactly like what our red one was. This one has neat looking head lights, more sleek than the red one.

Mom was trying to get us dogs to put our head out the window, but as you can see, only I (Zak) complied, but I'm not looking at mom. I'm looking at the cats that I would like to eat sometime.  We had just gotten home from the dog park, and this was the first time we got to go since mom totaled out the red zoom zoom.  It rides the same if you ask me, and coming home, we all curled up in what you would call the trunk, since the back seats were down. It's cooler back there, even with tinted windows.  Mom's son went out to look at the car when she brought it home which was Friday, and all he said was that "you got the same car"!  Mom only wishes.  Yes, she wanted a red one like before, but there was none to be had. This is 2 years newer than the old one, and has less miles on it, only 39,668.  She bought an extended warranty for an additional 60,000 miles on top of what is already on the car. She just doesn't want to take any chances.

We got to meet some guys that had two dogs, both of them are basenji mixes.  This one here, his name is Houdini, he's 7 months old, and they think he's mixed with a sheppard, since they got him from a shelter, they don't know for sure, but we sure think he looks like half basenji.  We can't remember his brother's name, but they also think he is part basenji mixed maybe with a pitt bull. Both of these dogs were very nice and we liked them.

This here is a picture of Houdini with his brother. Makes me mad that mom can't remember this dog's name!  Maybe she's getting old or something. This one is a bit more shy but since bringing Houdini home, he has opened up more, and is getting alot more exercise, which is always a good thing.

Next Sunday is our basenji meet-up at Point Isabel, and for one, I can not wait.  I hope we have as many basenji's (which was a total of 14) as we had last month.  Mom told the owner's of these two about the meet-up and asked them to join us.  So hopefully they will and then I will make sure mom remembers this poor dogs name!

You all come back now, ya hear!


  1. Dear 3 Amigos,
    I think your new zoom zoom is very shiny and pretty, and it looks especially good when Zak's head is sticking out of it. I'm sorry your mom couldn't find a red one, but at least she has 3 red basenjis! I hope you all will be very happy and safe in your new car, and that you will get to go on lots of big adventures!
    Your friend, Piper

  2. Thank you Piper. Adventures are always fun. But mom works so much, that the only adventure we get is going to Point Isabel! Mom wants to go up to Oregon (IF the settlement come's in from the accident 4 months ago, anytime soon), so that will be a nice adventure too. Otherwise, she just doesn't have the money for the trip right now.

  3. I'm glad you got your zoom zoom back! It's ESSENTIAL for Pt. Isabelling!

    We signed up to get notices about the basenji meetups at Pt. Isabel, but sadly haven't made it out to one yet. This doggy momma's not one for mornings, but that may change with my schedule in the upcoming months. So hopefully we'll get a chance to meet the pack one of these days!