Wednesday, August 11, 2010

She had another one!

Accident, that is.  Mom was coming home from work (a good thing too, since us dogs were NOT in the car), when she hit a SUV right behind the right rear tire. TOTALED out our taxi!!  This here is a picture of the car in the junk yard when she went to get the rest of her stuff out.

Us dogs would like to cry, but we don't know how. We lost our taxi, and mom lost her car, so now she has no way to get back and forth to work.  Her son has been kind enough to let her use his car the last two days, but she doesn't think he will do that much longer. He doesn't work, and he sleeps most of the day, so I don't see why he wouldn't let her use it. That's my thought on this, but I'm just the dog and nobody listen's to what I have to say.

Mom thought she had a green light (which mean's go, since she's a driving school instructor), so she entered the intersection and right smack in front of her face, was the SUV. She tried to swerve to the left but it wasn't enough, and hit the car. Her airbag went off, and when the cover came off of the steering wheel, it hit her right in the sternum. Now she has a bruise there. She was not hurt like from the last accident 4 months ago (which was NOT her fault).

The guy who she hit, came running up to her car, to see if she was alright. She said yes. He then told her that she ran the red light.  A few seconds later, another guy came up, and said that he was right behind her, and that she ran the red light. Unbelievable, she says.  She still swears that the light was green. They will probably find the fault lies with her. No she did not get a ticket.

She found out this morning that her insurance company will pay off the loan on her car, and that there will be some money left over, that will go directly to her, so then she can buy another car. Hopefully not wreck the newer one!

You all come back again, ya hear!


  1. Scary! I'm glad your mom wasn't too seriously hurt. Probably better to have the airbag, bruise and all, from the looks of it.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery and a new "taxi" protected by swathes of good traffic karma.

  2. Welcome Shibasenji. We checked out your site by clicking on your name. The Shiba looks really nice. The one's we meet at our dog park (Point Isabel, in California), we see lots of Shiba's but they are not too friendly to humans, and our mom would love to pet one.
    Thank you for the best wishes and speedy recovery, and good traffic karma. Everything will help.

  3. Wow! Your taxi really looks bad. I'm glad your mom didn't get hurt and that you basenjis weren't in the car when it got all smashed up. I hope you get another really nice taxi really soon! Dogs just can't hardly get along without their vehicles and drivers!
    Your friend, Piper

  4. How so very right you are, Piper. Mom found out her insurance is going to pay our taxi off, with $$$$ left over for her to buy another car. So good news that we get another taxi.