Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Jenna no longer has stinky breath

I have to admit that Jenna no longer has stinky breath. She has funny smells on her, but mom explained that was because she was at the vet's today and had her teeth cleaned.  They also had to pull one of her molars, but mom forgot to ask why.  You can see from this picture that she still isn't feeling up to par, maybe it's because she's hungry?  She still has the infection, but the vet told mom to start the meds up again tomorrow.  Usually, Jenna doesn't look so, what's the word I want?, down, maybe.  Mom says that Jenna had to be put to sleep, for them to clean her teeth, and then pull the molar.

At least right now, she has nice clean white teeth, but for how long is anybody's guess.  In this photo, mom is holding up Jenna's lip with one hand, while she takes the picture with the other. So you can see how nice and clean they are.  I have to say, she puts Dannii and I to shame, as our teeth aren't nearly as white as her's are. Mom say's though that Dannii and I are next, whenever her settlement come's in. Personally, I hope its very long time. I am not looking forward to having some one put me to sleep just so they can clean my teeth!

In this photo, mom's son is holding Jenna's mouth open, so mom can get a good picture of Jenna's clean teeth. I do have to admit, that they look pretty good.

You all come back again, ya hear?


  1. Dear Zak,
    I am very impressed by the dazzling whiteness of Jenna's teeth. I think she will feel better now that she doesn't have that bad, stinky tooth in there. But it's sure a lot of trouble to go to to get clean teeth. I can agree with you on that. At least we don't have to be awake while they clean our teeth, like people do. I think I would want to bite somebody if I had to be awake while all that was going on!
    Your friend, Piper

  2. Beautiful!

    Bowpi desperately needs a teeth-cleaning too. We're not sure how we feel about our current vet. Maybe we can chat about recommendations?