Sunday, August 15, 2010

We're on the hunt for another car

Mom was suppose to try and go and check out a car today, down in Oakland. That's near the dog park we go to. BUT, her son's car was over heating, so she didn't get to go.  She was looking at a Mazda 3s hatchback.

This here is a picture of it. She really likes the color and such. Lots of room for us dogs, too. They were asking a bit much for it tho. 

So, now she thinks that she will have to rent a car this week some time, and try and get Friday and Saturday off, so she can go look for a car.  If the car dealer still has this one available, she'll go check it out, if not then she has to start all over.  For some reason she is intent on getting another Mazda. Of course, it would be ideal if she could find another car similar to our red taxi. As much searching she has been doing online though, I don't think that is going to happen. But this purple thing will do just fine.

The only other thing to report on, is us dogs need to get our teeth cleaned, especially Jenna's!  Her breath is so bad, it almost makes you want to up-check.  Mom has to wait till she gets her money from the settlement in first, unless the vet is willing to work with her. Jenna is in the most need, and would be done first, then Dannii and I could wait till the settlement come's in, or until hell freezes over, which ever one come's first.  Why do I have the feeling that her settlement will come in first?

You all come back again, ya hear?


  1. Dear Zak,
    I really like that purple car. It would make a fine taxi for basenjis, so I hope your mom can buy it. If she can't, I am sure she will find another good-looking car that is worthy of your cuteness.

    I am sorry you all have to get your teeth cleaned. I hate it when Mom makes me do that. Also, Mom hates having to pay for it because all that dental stuff is so expensive. I think it would be better for your mom to spend her money on getting a really fancy car, and that way nobody will notice that you have dirty teeth!
    Your friend, Piper

  2. Piper, that's exactly what I been trying to tell mom! With a nice fancy car, nobody will notice our dirty teeth. She says we not only have dirty teeth, but Jenna especially has VERY stinky breath. I can attest to that, because if I get close to her where I can smell her breath, I want to puke!

    Your friends,

  3. Dear Zak,
    I guess if Jenna's breath is that bad, maybe she ought to get her teeth cleaned. Mom told me that if you have infections and stuff in your teeth, it can do bad things to your heart. She is probably just telling me this to scare me, but at least you would not want Jenna's bad breath to spoil that "new car smell." Unless, of course, you are buying a used car. But anyway, you wouldn't want to puke in the new (or used) car because you had to smell Jenna's breath.
    Your friend, Piper