Sunday, August 1, 2010

the kitties grew up!

Hope you all remember those little kitties that mom's human son found last year. They were so small, that I just wanted to chomp on them.

In case you forgot, this is a picture of them.  When the human son found them in the storm, there was only two. So we don't know which of two of these we have.

This what they look like now. All growed up. We dogs get along with them.  Thanks to mom.  Course in the beginning it wasn't fun, as mom had to put the muzzle of shame on us, so we wouldn't try and bite them.  I have to admit, Jenna was the worst. She wanted at them in the worst way, but now she accept them, as the rest of us do.  They are in and out cats, which mean's they go outside whenever they want to and come back in the eat and play.  Mom wasn't going to keep them, so only named them "girl cat" and boy cat", as they are brother and sister.  When they were tiny, mom couldn't bear to part with them, so when she did decide to find homes for them, it was too late, as they were not the little bitty kitties they once were.  They are brother and sister, and the girl cat is more into investigating things than what the boy cat is. He seem's to be a bit on the skittish side. Mom got the girl cat fixed, so she wouldn't be having any kitties of her own, and now she need's to get the boy cat fixed.  He has gone out at night, and mom thinks he mated with every feral female that is around. She says that if white siamease kitties start showing up among all the feral cats, then he's the dad!

Well, I gots to sign off now. We're going to Point Isabel today. There won't that many b's there today as our meet up is only once a month, but mom's new friend and his dog Ramses are suppose to come also.

You all come back now, ya hear!

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  1. Dear Three Amigos,
    I think your grown-up kitties are very pretty. Do you think they are part Siamese? We have big, fat foster kitties at our house now, but Mom doesn't let us go in the same room with them because Gabe thinks maybe it would be fun to attack them. I like them, though, especially Charlie, because he's black-and-white like me!
    Your friend, Piper