Thursday, August 5, 2010

I'm a first place winner!

Mom is on this list for Basenji Companions. Its an email group where everyone writes about some antics or what have you, that their basenji does or is doing.  Anyway, once a year they have a photo contest for everyone to enter. I won first place in Devastation.

This is the picture that won. Human son and I was in his room. He got up to leave for work, mom was already at work, and he forgot about me, shut me up in his room.....ALL day, with NO water, or food!  I was trying so hard to find a way out, but I was stuck there, until mom came home from work.

This is a picture of me with my head stuck in the door from trying to get out of the bedroom. I can not tell you how long I was stuck like that, but I can tell you that IT WAS NOT FUN!!  Course first thing mom had to do was take a stupid picture!  But hey, I won first place for being in trouble.

Zak got honorable mention for this picture of him with his head in the toilet. Human son caught him drinking out of the toilet and just happened to have his camera phone and snapped a picture.

Also, Zak and Jenna came in first place with their picture with one of the kitties.  There is only one kitty in this photo however. Their momma is a feral cat. That mean's she is very wild and can not be tamed, let alone, touched.  She had some kitten's last year, but we had a big bad storm with lots of rain and wind. Human son heard mewling and went out to find two kittens, which the momma cat forgot about.  It took a long time for mom to teach us dogs not to bother the kitten's.  She had to put muzzles on us, and for me that was very shameful. But as you can see now from the photo, we like the kittens. Course I think Jenna would still prefer to try and kill them. She doesn't look too happy in this photo does she?

Any way we are very happy about winning.  Dannii especially since I am the one who mostly gets into trouble. Every year it is always between me and another basenji, named digger jones. Its always gone back and forth, except for this year. Dannii usually doesn't get into trouble, so digger and I conceded to Dannii.

You all come back again.


  1. You are really good at devastation! I'm glad you won!

    Your friend, Piper

  2. Thank you Piper. I voted for you and Gabe, so am glad you guys won in that department.

    Your friends, Dannii,Jenna,Zak