Friday, August 27, 2010

Mom passed our one year anniversary!

I always said that mom was always coming up short on things, and just maybe this proves it!  Our one year anniversary was yesterday and she missed it!  How could she do that to us?  Granted we don't get out and have great adventures in walking, though we do have great adventures at the dog park, but that's all we ever seem to write about, and now I can understand why mom is sooooooooooo boring!

Do you remember how tiny our kitties were? This is a picture of them last November with Dannii, as he was the only one who really didn't bother the kitties much. Jenna and I would like to eat them, but we're pretty sure that mom would not allow that to happen.
This here is a picture of "boycat". The kitties turned out to be brother and sister, and mom at the time, had NO intention on keeping them. Well, here it is almost a year later, and they are still here.  We have a 4 foot gate between the door and the screen door, which is what boycat is resting on. See how big he's gotten! He would make a fine dinner, if you ask me.  But no one did, so I guess I will have to let that one go.

Mom can't find any pictures of "girlcat", although there are some, but for some reason she can't find any of grilcat by herself, except for this one here. She is between me and Jenna, out in the garage. This is where us dogs like to hang out, when we're not in the house. I'm checking girlcat out, just to make sure she is behaving herself. She has these real sharp needles on the ends of her paws and she likes to use them sometimes, and they hurt. So I'm just making sure that she is behaving herself.  As you can see, Jenna is keeping a eye out on things too.

This here was mom's new car. She bought it in January 2007, it is a 2006 Mazda 6i sport sedan. We loved our taxi, and so did mom. But, can you guess what?  She totaled out our taxi on August 9, 2010!

This is what it looked like as it was being hooked up to the tow truck!  For some reason, she couldn't cry.  We all loved that car, it was a great car, and she had to go and ruin it. That just was not fair, if you ask me. Us dogs though are grateful that we were not in the car when this happened. Mom had just gotten off from work, and was on her way home. Everybody told her that she ran a red light. Since she is a driving instructor, and teaches teen-ager's how to drive, she thought this was so unbelieveable!  But, she got a ticket in the mail about a week later.  Wonder how much that's going to cost her?

So, now we got a newer zoom zoom.  Same kind of car, only a different color, plus its 2 years newer than the red one.  Mom and us dogs still miss the red one, as it was very easy for us dogs and for mom, to find it in a parking lot!  This one is exactly the same on the inside, the only difference is that this one is not a hatchback, like the red one was.  That is the only true thing mom misses on this car.  The back seats are down, so us dogs do have lots of room, like we did in the red one.

Well that enough of that stuff, I hate remembering things that we no longer have. Mom has to go to work and she wants me off the computer now.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Dear Amigos,
    Congratulations on your Big Anniversary! I'm sorry your mom forgot about it. My mom is really forgetful, too, sometimes, but I guess I should just be thankful that she remembers to feed us! I like the new look of your blog. It's fun to play with those template things, isn't it?
    Well, bye now!
    Your friend, Piper

  2. Aw. I’m sure your mom had a pretty good reason why she forgot your first year anniv! Anyway, what happened to her car? Good thing you and your dear siblings were not inside the car when it was wrecked. But I hope that your mom was okay too. Anyway, the good news was, you and your mom were able to get a new “zoom zoom”. I’m sure you had a blast riding this one! {Cayla Dupont}

  3. Hi, there! Maybe your mom hasn’t recovered yet from the accident, that’s why he forgot your anniversary. Don’t be sad. There are more anniversaries to come. :) Anyway, glad she found the same replacement for the totaled car. Don’t forget to remind your mom to always be careful and buckle up. :) #Lawrence Harkness