Friday, February 4, 2011

We're cold and mom won't make a fire in the woodstove

Granted its cold for us basenji's here, but mom says its REALLY cold back east, with lots of snow and ice, and that we should have nothing to complain about.  Well, we don't know what snow is or ice is, so how could we not complain of the cold here?  Does that make sense to any of you?

Basenji's come from Africa where its always hot, granted we did not come (personally) from Africa, but some of our ancestors did, we have some of those genes. We like warm, we don't like being cold or wet.  Wet.........ewwwwwww.  We don't understand dogs that like to go in the water.  What is wrong with them anyways?

The days are semi warm as far as we are concerned. Not too bad, the sun is out and we try to find the sunbeams that hit the floor, so we can lay in the sun, but the nights are what is cold!  Dannii gets to sleep with mom in bed, while Jenna and I have to suffer in our chairs. Mom's human son put our sweaters on us last night, and boy did we like that, they kind of help to keep us warm, but mine and Jenna's are starting to fall apart, because I have chewed on them a few times. But, they still help in some small way.

We just hope from what mom says that spring is around the corner.  It can't get here fast enough for us basenji's.  We just don't do cold, and I don't care to hear about snow and ice, as we have no idea of what that stuff is, as we have never seen or smelled or tasted it......yet.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Dear Zak,
    You should get your mom to teach you to build a fire in the fireplace, so you can stay warm. Either that or maybe you can wear your sweaters all day long. I hate sweaters, but we have a furnace, so it's not too cold in the house most of the time.

    I would be glad to box up some of our snow and send it to you, but I'm afraid it would melt before it got to your house. It mostly tastes like water, except really cold. It's sort of like eating an ice cube, but not as crunchy.

    Your friend, Piper

  2. Thank you Piper, for that information. We didn't know that ice was like an ice cube. I (Zak) for one, like ice cubes, nice and crunchy. Snow, now I don't know about that. Mom has talked about taking us up towards Tahoe sometime after they have some fresh snow, but I don't think we would like that very much.

    Since we don't have thumbs, there is no way we could make a fire in the woodstove. I've watched mom do it before, and its alot of work, which I don't like.

    Your friends, Zak,Dannii,Jenna