Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2-8-2011 BoyCat returns, now what?

Boy Cat returned sometime during the night, or early morning.  Human son shut him up in the bathroom, just to make sure he didn't take off again.  When mom got up, boy cat was laying on a chair in the kitchen and the kitchen door was open a little bit, just so us dogs can go out and do our duty in the backyard.  Then boycat went into mom's bedroom (that's where she feeds boy & girl cat, so us dogs won't eat their food), along with his sister to be fed. After he ate, this is what he does best, curl up on the bed and sleep.  Now mom can't get him into the vet's till next week, so we don't know if he's going to take off again or not.  There is no way to shut him up in the house for a week.   Oh, you see that paw/leg up over boycats's side?  That's his sister girlcat, laying next to him, on his back side. that's all you can see of her.

I don't like talking about the cat's, but I know mom was worried about him, and now that he's back, we don't know what to do.


  1. I don't blame you, I don't really like the boy cat that lived with us either. Mom brought him to the vet and he never came back a year ago. She is sad but me and sis are happy to have the house to ourselves. Me and my sister are Basenjis too! I just started having seizures and my mom would like to talk to your mom. I think you can message her through here? I hope you are enjoying the rest of the week :).

  2. Its nice to hear from you, and, welcome. Our mom likes all fuzzy creatures, even birds! I'm sorry to read about your seizures. I'm Zak, and I don't have seizures, but Dannii does. So far mom thinks they "might" be under control from the Phenobarbital that he has to take. His last seizure was on January 7th.