Sunday, February 13, 2011



 Okay, so we found out this Salugi's name.  It is Battu.  His owner still will not let him off leash yet, as his recall remains something to be desired. whatever that means.

 We came across Lola again today. Boy, I tell you, she growls worse than Jenna does!  Her owners says she only does this to other basenji's, as I stated the last time.  She is looking at Dannii here, but she's not growling at him. She would get near me (mom didn't get any pictures of that, wish she did), and she would just growl and growl and growl.  I just ignored her as I get that at home from Jenna, so it didn't faze me at all.

 We got to see some Carolina dogs, but nobody can remember their names. Very nice dogs  The Carolina dogs are the real light colored one, standing back and behind me (Zak), and the other one is standing next to its owner. Mom forgot the dog's name that I'm trying to play with. She thought it was a pretty dog. so pretty, that she can't remember its name!

 This is the dog that I was checking out, in the above photo. We don't remember this dog's name either. Nobody has simple names anymore, and mom had a hard time trying to remember who was who.

 Now, isn't she cute?  This is 4 month old Madu. She is a Shiba Inu. Still getting used to people and strange dogs. They must have really walked the daylights out of her, as she just wanted to sit down, and not even move!

 This is the housemate to Madu, and his name is Chevea.  Only reason mom remembers these two dogs names' is because her friend put them into her phone, and then emailed it to herself.  Mom had to call and ask her what the names were again.

 We "think" this is Savannah", but not entirely sure.  A very nice Whippet, and friendly.  Just didn't like having 5 basenji's crowd her.

 This picture is out of sinc, as this should be a couple of pictures earlier.  This is what it looks like coming back across the footbridge, to head to the car. Which all the way, way down, and then around the bend. Quite a hike, but we get lots of people to stop and talk to mom and her friend and give us dogs all kinds of pats, and petting. Sometimes, we even get treats!

As you can see, it was a nice day. Foggy, as you could not see the Golden Gate Bridge or San Francisco, like last week.  But, now we hear its going to rain for the rest of the week.  Suppose to clear up by Saturday night, just partly cloudy on Sunday.

BoyCat is still here. He hasn't taken off again.  Mom thought he might have, but as soon as she asked her human son, if he has seen the cat, boycat come's in from the garage.  She has got to get that cat fixed!  She knows that, just need to get the appointment on her day off, so she can take him and then pick him up.

Well, I guess that's all there is for today. You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Yeah, yeah, Battu! I vaguely remember that because it sounded *almost* like Bowdu... similar consonant sounds, anyway.

    And what a little fluffy shiba pup! We haven't seen any shibas at that park for a loooong while.

  2. It seem's like we have seen nothing but Shiba's the last few time's we have gone on Sunday. We saw probably about a dozen on this paticular day, but didn't get pics of all of them.

  3. Wow, you guys really have a lot of interesting dogs to meet at your dog park. And they all have weird names, so no wonder you can't remember them! Maybe it's because you live in California and everybody gives their dogs exotic names there! LOL

    I got behind on reading your blog, so now I'm trying to catch up!

    Your friend, Piper