Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 29, 2012 Basenji Meet-up

This guy is called "Hooter".  He is part basenji and something else.  He was very nice, but someone had cropped his tail.  He does yodel from what his slaves were saying.

Dannii was not doing good today at all.  Has me really worried.  What a difference in him today, from the last couple of days!

Hooter and Dannii
Zorro and Roxie. First time Roxie has been off leash at the park
This was not a good day at all for Dannii.  He acted like a little old man.  All hunched over like he had to go poo every few minutes.  He perked up when we got to "our" picnic table and I handed out some treats, but that did not last long.  Was telling everyone that this is probably his last meet-up.  I sure hope not.

You all come back again, now here?

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