Friday, April 13, 2012

My triubte to my beloved Dannii

I helped Dannii cross the rainbow bridge right around 11:20am on 4-10-2012.  He was so ready to go.  He did not even take a breath.  He was gone, like a puff of smoke.  I was so not ready.  I cried like a baby that my beloved baby was not going to be around any longer.  But took solace in the fact that he now has a new body and running free with the wind and enjoying the warmth of the sun.

These are the very last photo's that I was able to capture of Dannii.  Sunday, he had still gone outside, but spent most of the time trying to poo.

This was just after coming in from outside.  Dannii had been out for about an hour, but I don't think he enjoyed himself, as he was trying to go the bathroom the whole time.

Sometime during the night, Dannii had ended up going outside, and he slept in the doghouse (his own choosing) for the first time ever.  My son had told me that he had tried to get Dannii to come in the house, and he just didn't want to move.  So twice, before I had to leave for work on Monday morning, I went and checked on him.  At first I thought he was already gone, but no, his ear was just cold.  He still did not want to come in at either time.  So, as much as I hated too, I had to leave for work.   When I got home, Dannii was in the backyard.  He had come out of the doghouse and was laying in the warm sun.  Because when he tries and poo's, it runs down his backside, so, my son covered up Dannii's backend, to keep the flies off of him.   I tried to give him some water with a syringe, but he decided he can drink the water by himself, with no help from me, thank you very much.

Afterwards I got this big old comforter, and I folded it up, and got my son to come and help me carry Dannii into the house.  I have a dog pillow that we put the comforter on, but Dannii did not move.  He would watch me from time to time with his eyes.  I would sit by him and tell him that it was going to be ok, that I would help him to shed his body so that he would be free of pain and discomfort.

I had called my vet late Monday and told them that I would be bringing Dannii in on Tuesday to have him pts.  I had to make sure that the vet was going to come out to the car.  I did not want to have to bring him inside.  Although, I don't really think Dannii knew where he was at by that time, I just wanted him in a familiar place the he knew.

The very last photo of Dannii, before we put him in the car for his very last car ride.  He was looking at me.  I petted him and loved on him so much before we left.  I knew he was ready, but I sure wasn't.  Some part of me thought I was, but when he was gone, I bawled and bawled.

I was thinking of taking the day off from work, but got to thinking, what would I do at home?  Sit and cry, is what.  No, I went to work.  I had about an hour to myself, after all was said and done, before I actually started work.  I was really scatterbrained, and had a hard time concentrating on things.  Had to keep telling the students (am a driving instuctor) what the problem was and why I wasn't thinking straight.

It's so strange coming home and not having 3 dogs meet me at the door, or trying to find something to entice Dannii to eat. 

I miss my sweet baby boy.  I was so hoping that he would have lived a much longer life, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
This picture was taken back on February 5, 2012.  This is Dannii's memorial picture.  The poem that is on the picture says:

Warm light coming from far below, twinkling, sparkling is the candle's glow.  All is well up on the ridge, the place we know as Rainbow Bridge.
Furbabies sleeping in heaven's light, tended by candles in the night, peaceful dreams be theirs to keep, as they slumber in this night so deep.
Hearts on earth that miss them so, take comfort in the candles glow.  Watching for them in skies above, bound eternally by a cord of love.

May you rest in peace, run free with the wind, enjoy the warmth of the sun, and chase all the feral cats and rabbits, that your heart desires.    Till we meet again.



  1. What a lovely tribute to Dannii. I especially like the poem. It always seems to tear our hearts out when we have to say goodbye, even though we know it is the right thing to do. Dannii is free of pain now, and someday you will see him again.

    Many hugs and warm thoughts to you from Piper's mom, Eva

  2. Marti, I'm so sorry for your loss. Dannii lived a good, long life (I know, not good enough, not long enough); but although we humans seem to think we can control everything, it's not really for us to say when it's been long enough. You gave him everything you possibly could, so much more than most. I won't say, "I know how you feel," 'cuz I'm not you, and I never had Dannii. But I have had, and lost, others, and know that someday(s) not too far in the future I'll have to say goodbye to Leeny (15 yo), Jello (12 yo) and Echo the wonder cat (10 yo). I'm not looking forward to those days.

    Many hugs, licks, shnuffs and chirps from all of us.

    Happy hunting, sweet Dannii! Say hi to my crew for me, would you?

  3. All my love and sorrow, Marti.
    He will always be beautiful, handsome, and loved in our memories.

    M.C. and the Bows

  4. Eva, Vicky, and M.C. Thank you all for your kind words. Dannii is here in my heart and soul.

    Vicky, I also have Jenna (10 yo), and Zak (7 yo), 4 cats, but the oldest Peeve is 13 yo. They just don't live long enough.

    Thank you to each and everyone of you
    Marti and angel Dannii, Jenna, Zak

  5. My heart goes out to you, Marti. It is so so so hard to go through this loss. Keep the happy memories close to your heart.

    Maybe he is playing with Winnii now. They are kin and maybe just having a lot of fun.

    Isis and Miss Sophii

    1. Thank you, Marlene. Were Dannii and Winnii really related? I didn't know that, and I don't think you ever said anything about it before.