Wednesday, April 4, 2012

4-4-12 Last Chemo shot today

Not a whole lot had changed since Dannii got his last chemo shot on March 23rd.  The one thing that has changed, he has starting eating.  Which is good.  From the last shot, until today, he has NOT lost any weight, which is also a good thing.

He is eating mainly baby food in the 2.5oz jars, and goes through 4-6 in one day.  He will also eat some kibble, but not alot.  Some chicken thighs, and spaghetti and meatballs, and lunch meat.  I am hoping that this shot will kind of kick things up a notch and give him a few good weeks.  This is the very last shot he will get, as it was the 5th one.  He got one back in October while at the oncologist, and then one on the end of January, with a follow up shot a week later, now that's a total of 3 shots.  He got one a week and a half ago, and the one today, for a total of 5 shots.  He has not had a reaction to any of them, and that is good.

I haven't gotten any current pictures of him.  I tried today, but its windy out, and the wind is cold.  Every time I snapped the camera, Dannii had turned away from me.  This picture here was taken on the 25th of March.

I am hoping to get him back to Point Isabel again before he starts to get bad.  I don't know how he is going to be for the meet-up this month on the 29th.  Will just have to do one day at a time.  Am hoping to maybe go before the meet-up, if the weather is nice.  Zak need's to work some of that fat off that he has accumulated.

Here is a picture of Mocha, the neighbor's cat, and my "girl cat".  They are half sisters, same mom but from different litters.

Mocha is the one with the long fur, and the one closest.  Girl Cat is in the back, walking away.  Mocha doesn't like Girl Cat over on what she "thinks" is her property!  Which is where Mocha is standing.

Been busy, and the kids are now on Spring Break, but will try and post a bit more often when I can, or at least pictures.  I haven't been very good with either one the last week and a half.

You all come back again, now hear?

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