Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Is Been Awhile

Well, I have to say, mom sure hasn't been letting us use the computer for quite sometime.  A lot of things have been going on, and now since its been so long, I can't remember half of what all has happened.  Blame it on mom.

One big thing that did happen about 3 months ago, mom was in a car accident, and it was not even her fault! Some guy hit the front end of our taxi, and did a lot of damage to it, so we didn't have our taxi for a month or so.

This a picture of what our taxi looked like after it was hit by a cadillac.

Mom was out of work for 6 weeks, as she fractured a couple of ribs and broke her ring finger on her right hand. She's better now, but not so much for her right hand.

We have been able to go to Point Isabel a few times. Work has been wanting mom to work overtime right now because they are short handed, but she refuses to work on Sunday, just so we can go to the Point.

This is a picture of us, and mom like to call it "on the plains of the serrngeti".  Why she took a picture of our butts, we will never know. Humans.......

This is what the background actually looks like before mom took the butt picture.  But you have to admit, that the butt picture (that's what I like to call it) does make us look like we are on the "plains of the serengeti".

Well I hear mom coming, so I guess I had best close this now before she starts yelling at us.

You all come back again, ya hear. Hopefully it won't be month's from now before we get a chance to get back on and tell you what all is happening.


  1. I enjoyed reading your new entry! LeeBeth

  2. Dear Amigos,
    It was good to see a new blog entry from you. I am sorry your taxi got all smashed up. I'm glad it's okay now and so is your mom. I really like the picture of your butts. I think basenjis in Africa probably look just like that!
    Your friend, Piper