Sunday, September 27, 2009

A beautiful day at the park

First off I have to tell ya, that mom is sick. I guess this is going around, as the office staff was telling her that a lot of the other instructors are sick too. This is just great, she's thinking. We thought that we were going to get stuck home again today, as mom really didn't want to go anywhere. She's got a sore throat and has been coughing. She thinks it might be the start of a cold, but is not sure. She's really tired and just wants to rest. Which is why we thought we were not going anywhere today.  But then her friend Dale (Baree's and Scout's mommy) called to see if she wanted to meet up at the park. Whatever plan's Dale had for today fell through, so she decided on going to the park. So, much to our surprise, mom said yes!

It turned out to be a beautiful day. Nice and warm, with just a hint of a breeze to keep the heat away. Wonderful. We met alot of different dogs today. We got to meet two different Jindo's, but mom didn't get any pictures of them. But there was a lady sitting at "our picnic table" that had a small white thing, which mom thought was really cute.

 We were not impressed. But for some reason that I (Zak) can not even fathom, mom thought she was cute. If she thought she was so dog gone cute, then why did she forget this dog's name? Can you tell me that? I thought if you liked something enough, you were suppose to remember their names, right? Not my mom. Oh she can remember some of the dogs' names that we see from time to time. Like there is these brother's that I do have to admit are very nice, and mom does remember their name's with no problem.

This Parker (mostly black) and his brother Bodie (standing next to Dannii, and Scout (Tri) is standing in from of Bodie. When ever Parker and Bodie spy my mom at the park, they come looking for her, as she always gives them some of our treats. I don't mind. As I said they are nice dogs, but however Dannii does not like to share his treats with anyone, and that includes me and Jenna! So again, I ask you, how can you forget someone's name if you like them and think they are so cute? I would like to know the answer to that one, if someone has it.

Anyways, this is our picnic table. As you can see the owner to this dog that mom thinks is so cute, is sitting at our table, along with her "cute" dog. Mom thought this was a good picture of Scout, and Jenna, and tried not to get the lady who own's the "cute" dog in the picture. But since she couldn't see the digital picture too well, she caught part of the lady who own's the "cute' dog, who is between Scout and Jenna.

This is Scout's sister, and her name is Baree. My mom just got an email from Dale (Baree's and Scout's mom) and Baree is at the emergency vets. Baree was not acting right at the dog park today. Whenever she would jump or someone picked her up, she would yelp. Dale thought that maybe Baree might have pulled something, but I guess after they got home, Baree was in a lot more pain, so her mom took her to the emergency vets, as their vets are closed at night. We all hope that Baree is ok. Dale is suppose to let mom know what she finds out. Mom had a real cute picture of Baree and Scout in a chair that Dale sent, but now mom can't find that picture. She's sure that she saved it, but just can't find it. So mom is doing some praying for Baree and praying that everything is going to be ok with her. I know you can't tell from this picture of Baree, but she is a little brindle. We like her, but not Jenna. Mom has to put a muzzle on Jenna when we first get to the park, as Jenna will try and start a fight with Baree. But after a couple of minutes, mom can take the muzzle off, and then she is ok. Its funny because last week when we met up with Japhy and Star, Jenna didn't growl or snarl at Star, and Star is a brindle girl, like Baree. You go figure that one out.
This is mom's friend, Dale. Not a good picture of Dale, as we had some wind, but she was talking to another lady, Scout is right there, as you can see. Then it looks like me, then Baree with Jenna down on the bench. As usual, Dannii is off doing his own thing, though he's not too far away.

Mom has been trying to get a good picture of me, and I guess she finally got one! Look's like I might be squinting, but actually, the sun was in my eyes! I am one handsome dude, don't ya think? No food to be had today at that cafe, but I tried. Mom and Dale were enjoying just sitting in the sun, and talking. She should have gotten a picture of Dannii and Jenna laying down at her feet, they were enjoying the sun also, as I was, but I just preferred to be sitting on a bench is all.  When mom checked the time, she said that we had to go, as she had to stop by the office to drop off her paperwork. She said that its easier doing it this way, than having to get up early and drive 40 miles one way to drop it off. So we all jumped into my mom's car this time.  We're all in the car, but don't know if you can see everybody or not.

You can see Scout and Baree, but Jenna is probably sitting in the front, and of course there is Dannii, front and center (well, a little off center, hehehe, if you ask me), and I am right between Scout and Baree.

This one is taken at home. Dannii and I are looking for a way to escape the car, but mom has all of us on a "coupler" hooked to the leash, which is wrapped around the gear shift, so she could take this stupid picture. All those kitties are running around, and we want out so bad, but couldn't get loose.

Mom just got an email from Dale, and said Baree is ok. They think she pulled a muscle or something in her neck. So she's home and is on a muscle relaxant and aspirin for five days. Still not doing well, but will keep and eye on her, and keep us informed of her condition. We're just glad that she's ok, and pray still that this is all it is.

Well, we had a long busy day, of leaving all kinds of pee-mail for our friends at the park, smelling new pee-mail from other dogs, chasing a few dogs that were running, going to people to get our "petting" in. So its is off to bed. We hope you all have sweet dreams.

Mom had to wake us up from this nap, to go outside to pee and poo before we actually go to bed.

Good-night  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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