Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hide and Seek. Golly jewhiz, what fun, yeah right

Well, all's I got to say is.................huh?  As I stated earlier, mom mowed the backyard. Then we thought we were going to get to go to the dog park.  No such luck. We stayed home.
But mom went out into the back yard and she had the camera with her. I'm always ready for a close up. Her son was calling Jenna to come outside, so Dannii and I, ran back inside.  When we came outside, no mom. She sure as heck didn't come back in the house and the car is still here. So, we run's through the house looking for her. No mom. How can that be? So, we race back outside. No place to hide in the yard, except for one lonely tree, and yep, ya guessed it. She was hiding behind the tree. I saw her right off the bat, then Jenna, then Dannii.  He wasn't really looking for her though. I wanted to make sure she didn't leave the house without us!
She tried to upload the video to put into this space, but alas we are on what she call's "snail mail" (dial-up) and it wouldn't work. That's ok, we had fun. If only for a short time. These are the pictures she took of  Dannii and Jenna and I today.

She did some kind of fancy trim work on the pictures, except for Jenna's.  Look's like she just trimmed the corners.  These were all taken today, after our short burst of hide and seek.  Geezzz
For some reason, Dannii never look's at the camera. Its like he's shy or something. But I've seen plenty of photo's of him where he's looking at the camera, but not today.
I am such a handsome dude, don't ya think? Dannii used to be good looking too, but he's getting to be an old dog.  I hear mom saying that he's still a handsome boy. She call's me handsome too, as well, as she should. But, I am dubbed the troublemaker because I like to chew things. 
Hope ya all had a much better day than we did.  How can life be this boring? Can someone please tell me?

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