Friday, September 18, 2009

The Bedroom Door

We had to get up early this morning as sonslave left for work. Jenna and I (Zak), usually sleep with him and Dannii sleep's with mom. So, Jenna goes and sits up against the bedroom door to mom's room.  She just sits there and then lays down, I start my whinning as I would like to go into the room, but the door is shut and Jenna seems like she's guarding it with her life.

Then guess what we hear?  Mom's cell phone goes off, so we heard her get up to answer it, but it must have gone to voicemail (what ever that is), as we didn't hear her talking.  Well then she open's the bedroom door and we rush in, as much as Dannii will allow us, as he's is rushing out.

It was very hot here yesterday and last night, so mom kept the front door opened, with the security screen door locked. We live in the country, so we don't have to worry about people breaking into the house. We have nothing anybody would want to steal anyways, unless its me or Jenna, or maybe Dannii. Its going to be warm again today, so mom goes and shuts the front door, and goes and lays back down on the bed. We all get to come in. Jenna crawls under the blanket all the way to the bottom on mom's left, then Dannii. I am on mom's right side and we are all under to covers. About 5 minutes later, we b's all hear something, and so we all rush out to the front room. I heard mom mumble something, but couldn't quite make it out.  The next thing we know, she shuts the bedroom door and non of us can get back in!  How rude is that?  We whinned, but she never got back up. Dannii even scratched on the door (this work sometimes), but still to no prevail, mom did not get up and open the door.  Dannii scratched a few more times, but still a no go. So Jenna, in her true form took up the sentry position in front of the door and if we got too close she would go off on us and start her snarking and growling, like we were invading her territory or something!  Give me a break here.  All I want to do is go get under the covers on the bed, but nobody and I mean nobody is opening that dang bedroom door!


  1. Dear Zak, Your mom was very cruel and mean to shut you guys out of the bedroom. Can you trade her in on a new mom?
    Your friend, Piper

  2. Dear Piper, believe me we have thought about! But for some reason we came up with, it just isn't going to work. We have to figure out something else.
    Your friend, Zak,Dannii,Jenna