Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mom has to work today and momma cat moved the babies

We have a lot to be desired!  ha  that's the understatment of the year. Our week's are so boring as we just sleep and pee and poo and stare at the cats  through the window and pretend that we can jump at them and chomp on them.
Today was suppose to be mom's day off, not that it changes anything for us, cuz she very seldom takes us anywhere on a Wednesday. So, no big deal here. The reason she has to work today because this week-end we are going to the dog park (Pt Isabel) and meet up with some of our friends. Well, her friends and our basenji friends. Japhy and Star are suppose to show up, and we haven't seen them in over a year. Star was only a puppy when we saw her last. It's going to be great fun to see Japhy again. He's really Dannii's friend, as they met back in 2004. I didn't get to meet him till sometime in 2005, I think. He's younger than Dannii, but older than me. So we both like to run and play a lot, and I think Dannii got bent out of shape when we would do that. As he would start to growl at me, like trying to tell me that Japhy is HIS friend, and not mine! All I know is that when Japhy would try to intice Dannii into running and such, he would for just a short time, then quit. To Japhy that was no fun, to him, Dannii was a party pooper. All Dannii was saying was, "enough is enough, leave me alone".
This is a picture of Japhy taken the last time mom baby sat for him. She always thought that he was on the skinny side, but from what we have heard, he has put on some weight. Japhy would never stop for a minute, and mom was very surprised that he even stopped long enough for her to snap this photo of him!

This one is of Japhy and I wrestling, he's trying to bite my leg. this was so much fun.

This one here with all of us on the bed. Mom tried like forever to get Japhy to sit up, but he just wouldn't do it, no matter what. We were getting upset, or mad, (look at Dannii's face), so mom had to snap the picture quickly before we all took off.  So, its going to be great to see him and his sister Star again.

On another note, mom has been checking on the momma kitty and she moved all of her kittens yesterday. Mom has no idea where she moved them to. She wants to find them, so she has an idea where they are at, so she can try and tame them, instead of them becoming wild like their momma.

Well, that's all the news for today folks

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