Saturday, September 5, 2009

A stinkin boring week folks

Well, what is a basenji suppose to do when their people go off to work? Do we get to play? Who in the heck plays anymore? Chew toys? Our toys are so old.......older than dirt itself, well, almost. Get to chase the cat? Ha, not on this planet. The cat is too darn smart to try to come into the house when our people are not home.  So, we sleep, go out to the backyard and do our duty, back in the house to rummage around to see if I (Zak) can find anything to eat. Nothing.  Mom is trying to starve us AGAIN.  She thinks I am starting to get fat. I am not fat!!  Read my lips people, I AM NOT FAT.  I am big boned, and weigh 28 pounds. Considering last year, I weighed in at 33 pounds, I am no where near that anymore. Pretty soon, I am going to be skin and bones. I don't get no food. Ok, I get fed twice a day, but its not enough, I tell you!   Jenna weigh's 25 pounds, and Dannii weighs 26 pounds. So I weigh the most, but I said, I am big boned.  Now I ask you, "do
I look fat"?  If you say yes, don't bother to tell me, you're NO friend of mine!  I'm a cute devil huh?  You should see my baby picture....well, not baby, baby. I am about 4 months old.

This was taken with a crappy camera, so what can I tell ya!  Cute, huh?

My mom says I came from a backyard breeder in Vacaville, California.  That he sold me to a man that had 2 sons. I vaguely remember
the boys. They were allot of fun to play with. I can remember them putting me into this cell, and I couldn't get out, and they were gone all day. I remember something about school, so that must be where they were. They would let me out and play with me and take me for a walk. But it didn't last very long. I remember being locked away in that cell for a very long time everyday, even when the kids got home from this school thing. I would cry and whimper, but they just yelled at me to be quiet. It hurt my feelings so bad. I was so alone, and nobody wanted me anymore. My mommy didn't want me, but my mom (human)says' that's because her owner wouldn't let her keep any of her puppies, because he wanted the money.  I can also remember that the kids dad would let me out of my cell when he got home from his work. But he wouldn't let me up on the sofa to be with my people. They all kept pushing me down to the floor. I kept trying and trying, but they just would not give in. The next thing I knew, I was back in my cell, and in a car going somewhere with a strange lady (who is now my human mom). Turns out the dad called my human mom to come and get me (they had met through his older son when he was taking his driving lessons). So, I get to this strange place with all kinds of good smells. I smelled things that I had no idea what they were. Mom told me that we live in what is called "the country" and that's why there is so many different smells. She let me in the house, and more wonderful smells, but wait, what the heck is this I smell?  Dogs, more than one, and something else. Not sure what. That turned out to be what is called cats. Mom tried to let the other dogs in the house one at a time, but they charged the door, and both of the dogs came running up to meet me. My own welcoming committee!  A male, name Dannii, and his niece named, Jenna.  We were like one BIG happy family. Oh, hooray hooray. I found my forever home.  But I came very close to loosing it.  It seem's mom has a human son living at home right now and he was somewhere in his mid to late 20's came I came to live with them. It seem's he had a very nice pair of very expensive jeans, and yep, if you read the earlier blogs, I chewed out the whole butt, and nothing but the butt! I truly thought he was going to do great bodily damage to my poor body. I really did. He didn't hurt me, but I know he would have liked too.  But guess what?  I got him trained right nicely if I do say so myself.  He doesn't leave his clothes out for me to chew up anymore. So, I am not sure if that is a good thing or not.

I found out that were are not going to go to the dog park tomorrow (Sunday). We always go on Sunday as its mom(slave's) day off.  It seem's Scout (a basenji friend of ours) had an abcess tooth, and his slave took him to the dentist (vet) yesterday. He still doesn't feel to good, and his slave wants him to rest. So like I said, its been a stinkin boring week, and this is going to top it off for this new week!  Dang gummit.
Signing off for now. Come back now ya hear?

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  1. Dear Zak,
    I don't think you look fat at all. I think you are very handsome. I'm glad you got out of your bad home where you lived first and got a nice home with your mom and Jenna and Dannii. Well, it's past my bedtime, so I gotta go now!
    Your friend,