Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dannii Houdini 9-1-09

This is Dannii folks. This is the first time I was able to get to the computer before Zak. Zak likes to do all the writing and its mostly about himself. I just wanted to let you know that I have had what momslave call's "seizures".  I don't know what they are, and I don't know when I have them, but momslave gets scared and nervous when I do have them. She said it all started last October when she took me and Jenna and Zak into the vets to get our vaccinations. She only wanted us to get the DHPP (whatever that is), she said its the distemper and parvo shots. Then a month or so later, we were going to get the rabies shot. Well, we ended up getting the rabies along with the dhpp, and guess what? Early the next morning is when I had my first seizure!  Momslave was pee-od big time!  She said it was all her fault. I was 8 years old when that happened. Tomorrow the 2nd of September, I will have gone 4 months with NO seizures. Momslave is very happy over that, and hopes this trend continues. I am on No medication, except she give me a vitamin b-50, half of a 250mg tablet of magnesium. That's all. Since I don't like taking pills in any way shape or form, she has to crush them up and mix them into either canned sweet potatoes, or pumpkin. We go back and forth between those two, she also mixes in some frozen green peas that has been cooked before hand.
I will be 10 years old this December. I don't think I look my age. Do you? If you do, please keep your comments to yourself, as I don't need any negative feed-back, ok?
I came from a kennel down in Pleasanton, California. I was sold as a puppy to an older couple, and they couldn't handle me. The deal was that if that happened, they could bring me back to my momma, and so they did.  My dam's name is CH Zuri's MATUKO,  FCH JC, and my sire's name is CH PENDA TAJI'S TRIUMPHANT ONE.  After I was back home for a short while, this nice lady and a black and while female basenji, came to visit me. The black and white female's name is MzLilli (she has since crossed over the rainbow bridge). MzLilli was not very nice that first time. But they took me home anyways. They had a couple of cats, that I had to check out, and since Lilli didn't seem to mind the cats, neither did I.
That's MzLilli laying on her side in back of me. Since MzLilli had crossed over, my neice was also returned to her momma, and the breeder got in contact with my momslave to see if Jenna and I would get along, since I am her uncle. So we went down to check her out. I was more interested in all the smells in the backyard, than I was of Jenna. Momslave sat down, and Jenna came up to her and would not leave her side. I'm thinking what is this? Who is this basenji that is sitting too close to my momslave? So that's when I went to check her out. I figured she ok, and went back to check ing out the smell's. Lots of yummy and interesting smells in that backyard. I didn't want to leave. I would have liked to stay there, but momslave said that we had to leave, and guess what? Jenna was in the car with us! It was like it was with MzLilli and me, only now its me and we're bringing home Jenna.  Which was ok. She is nice. sometimes. 
My momsalve tried me in the show ring, since I was still intact, which mean's I could mate with a female and hope to produce some puppies. I came in first place in my division, but ya know what? I just wasn't interested in standing on a table and have a judge look into my mouth and run their hands all along my body. Just didn't feel right for a stranger to be doing this to me! Then momslave tried me at what is called lure coursing. First time out, I did great! I had fun chasing that stupid bag all around the field. The second time, I was waaaay to smart to chase the bag. So I jumped all those wires and waited for the bag to come to me! Why should I chase that darn thing, when I can just wait and let the bag come to me? I then ripped the bag off the wire and I just ran through the field with it!!  Everybody was yelling at my momsalve to "get me off the field", but I wouldn't come to her, or anybody else. I was having too much. But, in the end, somebody did catch me, and I was put into my crate. Just spoiled all the fun for me. I sulked for the rest of the day. How dare anybody put me in a crate! I was just having fun for crying out loud. What's the harm in that? Well, to say the least, that was the end of my show career as momslave would say. The following week-end we went to the dog park in Benicia (not Pt Isabel), and I snarked and growled at every dog there, which I knew, but I was just in a bad mood. Guess what happened then? The following week, momslave took me to the vets to get me ah-hum, neutered. Oh for the shame of it all. I didn't growl at anymore dogs at the dog park after that. But as much as I hate to say it, I growl at "some" dogs now at the dog park. Not all of them, mind you. Momslave's friend, call's me grumpy. I don't think I'm grumpy. I am just trying to let the other dogs know that I am still the alpha and not to get into my face. I feel like I can get into theirs, but they can't get into mine! Momslave does not like that when I do that, so she slaps that muzzle thing on over my mouth.
Well, that's all the news for today folks. Momslave is going to have to go to work soon, and we won't be able to use the computer, as she shuts the door to the bedroom. We all tried at one time or another to open that darn door, but it just won't budge. Till next time, please come back and visit again.

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  1. Dear Dannii, I liked your blog post very much! I am sorry you had seizures, and I hope you never have any more of them. I liked the story about when you went lure coursing. I have never been lure coursing. I have bad knees, so Mom doesn't think I should try doing it. Well, that's all for now! Your friend, Piper