Sunday, September 6, 2009

Sunday and no dog park :(

It is Sunday morning. We all 3 thought we were really going to go to the dog park after breakfast. We all waited nicely for our breakfast. Dannii eats the slowest, so he gets fed first, then Jenna and then me. I eat the fastest, and then I will try and eat out of Jenna's bowl with her, she don't mind sharing. Then I go over to Dannii and he starts growling at me to get away. Mom watches and makes sure I don't get to close to Dannii while he is eating cuz he will start a fight. Mom needs to figure out that system a little differently. I am always done before everybody. I like to eat, so what can I say. I will eat what's in my bowl, and what's in Jenna's and even what is in Dannii's bowl (if he would let me).  So when everybody is done eating, I will go and lick clean Jenna's bowl, while she is doing the samething to my bowl. She doesn't know that I already licked my bowl clean! Then we both line up and wait for Dannii to finish eating. He gets pills mixed in his food. Mom uses a pill crusher and crushes up the pills (he only get a vitamin b-50 and half a tablet of magnesium, and then some brewers yeast), Jenna and I both get the brewers yeast also, also crushed up and mixed into our food. We get canned sweet potatoes (sometimes) or canned pumpkin with the pills mixed in and then mixed with the kibble. My mom buy expensive dog food at a feed store because she says the other pet stores around here don't carry what we eat. We get the Innova Eavo Reduced. She had us on that last yeat cuz I needed to loose some weight. Mom said I weighed 33 pounds. I remember her calling me her "fatboy" and roley-poley and such. I lost the weight, so then she started buy the chicken and once in awhile the red meat one. But we started putting the weight back on. I AM NOT FAT!!!  She just doesn't want me to get any heavier than what I already am,
Anyways, back to the dog park thing. After breakfast, we waited for her to go put her make-up on. But, she didn't do that this morning. She went out into the back yard and unhooked the hose, and got the lawn mower out and started mowing the back yard!  What the heck is this??  When she came in the house we sat and looked at her and then at our leashes and back to her, but nope, we're not going to the dog park. Says she wants to stay home today. Since she in the car the just about everyday of the week, she just wants to stay home today, tired of driving. She could let me drive, I could get us to the dog park, but its still a no go.  This is NOT fair.  Its a nice day, not too hot and not too windy. But she won't budge. I ask you, what are we to do???  We are stuck home all week, and look forward to going to the dog park, but not today.  I feel like I could just sit down and cry, if I knew how to cry.  This is so unfair.

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  1. I love the photos! Sounds like your mom was being pretty tricky while she was getting them. LeeBeth