Wednesday, September 9, 2009

9-9-09 Breakfast

Well, as you can see, I am waiting on Dannii AGAIN, so I can clean out his bowl. Don't mind the dirty floor, mom just forgot to sweep this morning (sometimes every morning!). Also don't mind the date in the lower right corner. Mom wanted to sneak up on me as I go to Dannii's food bowl, she had just charged the battery and didn't set the calander on the camera.  I didn't know she actually caught
me at his food bowl. What's that look on Dannii's face?  Maybe he
know's that I am not going to find anything left in his bowl, huh?

I live for food. That's my job, to find food, any kind of food. I don't like to share, but believe the other b's in this household share with me! That's just the way it is folks.

Mom brought home a new bag of dog food as we were getting kind of low. She also brought in a couple of can's of something. I hope that it is also dog food.

I am already thinking about supper and its not even time yet. I just hope it some good stuff cuz I can eat and eat and eat. If mom let me, I could really become fat.........BUT I'm not,  yet. Don't intend to either cuz mom says that puts a strain on the heart and the extra weight can cause other health problems as well. I told mom that she should loose some weight, she's not fat, but what she would call pleasenly plump. That's fat, folks, no two way about it, fat is fat, is fat.

I heard a secret that we get to go to the dog park this week-end! Yeaaaaaaaaaa.

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  1. Dear Zak,
    You have the right idea about food. I think about it all the time, too, and I always lick my brothers' dishes. Sometimes, if Gabe isn't very hungry, I run over and start eating out of his bowl instead of mine. His food is the same, but it tastes better if it's in his bowl. Then Mom takes the bowl away from me. My mom is really mean sometimes. I guess yours is, too.
    Bye now, Piper