Sunday, September 13, 2009

No dog park, more news on the kitties, Dannii has a seizure

Mom thought she was going to have to work today, but it turned out that she got to stay home. But, we didn't get to go anywhere! She went out and took some stupid pictures of the kitties. Her son found one of the kitties off by itself yesterday when he got home from work. He held it for quite awhile as it was very cold, and then mom came home, and he told her that he heard it crying and found it and it was away from the other kitties and very cold. He said that it started to warm up and then he put it back with the other one's, but the momma cat was not there. Later she went out to check and the momma cat was back and feeding them. They don't know if there is only 4 white ones and 1 stripe one, or if there was 5 white ones, and 1 stripe. This morning mom went out to check on them, momma kittie was gone and so she counted the kitties, only 4 white, and 1 stripe.

Mom took these pictures this morning. Her son is holding the kitties. I tell you, I just want to chomp on them so bad! Why won't she let me do that?  I have to admit that they are kinda cute, but still I just want to chomp on them. Mom is kind of worried because the momma cat has been gone a long time. She doesn't think that she is usually gone this long.
  Also, Dannii had a seizure this morning, about 5:30a.m. I guess he went just over 4 months without having one, and I know mom was very happy,. Now, she has to start counting all over again. I guess he peed the bed too, cuz she had to wash all of her bedding.
Its going to be a long week. I know we are "suppose" to go to the park this week-end, but she said that it might not happen AGAIN. We have been stuck home now for two weeks without getting to go anywhere! This is not fair. We should revolt or something. If I knew what revolt mean's I would do something about it. So, all we do is look out the door in the garage to watch the cats, and sleep. Does that sound like a whole lot of fun to you?
This is a picture of Dannii that mom took of him two nights ago. He's out like a log and was snoring. How come she doesn't take pictures of me or Jenna when we are sleeping?  It might be because as soon as I hear her, I am up and finding out what she is doing, maybe she's going to give us something to eat, or a snack or something. So, she can't sneak up on me like she can on Dannii.

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  1. Dear Zak, I wish you could chomp those kitties. They look quite tasty to me! Maybe sometime you can sneak out to where they are and have a little snack. Ha! Dannii, I am sorry you had another seizure. I have never had one or seen one, but I have heard they are not fun. I hope you don't have another one for a long, long time.
    Your friend, Piper