Thursday, September 10, 2009

We got new kitties!

We live in the country, so there is a whole bunch of feral cats running around. Feral cats are wild and mean. Mom has tried to tame a few of them, but it has never happened, until a few months ago. There is this siamese cat that had some kittens a few months ago, under our back porch. Mom's son had found them when they were about 4 weeks old. So they were both going out there and picking up the kittens. If I have to say, there were kind of cute, and I really wanted to chomp on them something bad, but I just couldn't get out the door. Our neighbor took 3 of the kittens into his home when they were weaned from their momma. The rest of the kittens are wild.

Now, we have a whole new batch of kitties, by the same momma cat. This cat is so wild that mom was really surprised that the momma cat didn't take off when she took her picture. Mom has put a bowl of food and water out for her. Since our back porch is ripped up, waiting to install a new one, this momma cat made her den under the old wood that is piled up off to one side. In her last litter, she only had 1 while kitten that looks like her. But with this litter mom said that there is at least 2 or 3 white ones. They are the prettiest she thinks.

When mom went to put fresh food and water out for her, the momma cat got a bit scared. But as you can see from this second photo, she just kind of relaxed as she knew mom was not going to hurt her. She put her hand up to the momma cat to let her sniff her fingers, and then she snapped this photo.

But I tell ya, Jenna and I (Zak) we really want to go chomp on those kitties!  I think Dannii does too, as he jumps up against the door when he see's the cats outside.

OOOOhhhhh, I need to tell you all, that a couple of years ago, all 3 of us got out of the backyard. Our neighbor at that time had some goats, and he tied a momma goat up along with one of her babies next to our backyard. That goat drove us crazy. She head-butted the fence, and we didn't find out till the next day that the goat broke the bottom part of the fence and we made good our escape! Nobody was home, mom and her son were both at work. We got out into the field and were chasing the goats. Jenna even managed to kill a baby goat, about the size of her. We don't know if it was the same one that was on the side of our backyard or not. Then we ran into the neighbors backyard, and he had chickens!!!  Whoooooooopppppppppeeeeeee.
We had fun chasing those chickens and Jenna, she killed at 12 of them!  I chased them, but I didn't kill any. Honest.  Then we saw the feral cats, and Jenna caught 2 different one's and killed them too.  Another neighbor saw us, and called my mom at work to tell her what was going on. She had her student driver, drive her home, and only Dannii was here. A friend of her son's, had caught Dannii and put him in the garage. She checked the fence, and put some wood up, so Dannii couldn't get back out. She then went in search for Jenna and I as we were nowhere around. She said that she stayed for an hour, but couldn't find us. Asked her friends to keep a look out for us, and to put us in the garage if she found us, and to call her. Well, she never got a phone call when she went back to work., So she was thinking the worst, that a farmer shot us or something. She had to work for an extra hour, just to make up for the hour she spent out here looking for us. When she did get home, as she was backing down the drive-way, she saw both Jenna and I in the neighbor's (the one who owned the chickens and goats) backyard. So when she parked the car, she saw me trying to eat one of those dead chickens. She called me and Jenna, and boy were we glad she was home! She was so mad at us. We tried to tell her it wasn't our fault. We do what we do, because its what we do....HUNT.
To tell you the truth, we have not been able to get out of the backyard since then.  That neighbor moved, so no more chickens or goats.  The neighbor we have now, has a dog (plus the 3 kitties that I told you about earlier). The dog's name is Shadow, and she is a pitt bull, and she just loves those kitties. She treats them like they are her very own!  We don't understand that. She's a nice enough dog, but maybe she is a cat in dog's clothing? How can she lick and clean those kitties, when all we want to do is chomp on them?

Well, that's all for today. Come back now, ya hear


  1. Wow, you live in a fun place! I wish we had goats and chickens here, but we don't. We don't even have very many cats, but sometimes one poops in our yard and we eat the poop, which is quite tasty. Mom used to have cats, but Gabe thought they should be chased, so after the last cat died, Mom didn't get any more cats, just dogs. Your kittens are very pretty. I hope you get to hunt them and chomp them! Good luck!

  2. Thanks Piper. But mom is going to make sure that we don't get to these kitties. Mom used to have two cats that lived in the house with Dannii and MzLilli. But when Jenna came to live here, she didn't like the cats and chased them outside. One come's in and stays in the kitchen only when mom or her son is home, so we can't chomp on her.

  3. What a beautiful momma cat! Those kitties are lucky to have been born at your place. No nibbling on them, amigos! LeeBeth