Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday 8-3-09 Pt Isabel

    We got to go to the dog park today!  I told ya'll that we should have went yesterday, Saturday when it was 104 degrees! This pictures belies the weather as it was semi-cold. I guess for the slaves it was ok, but it was NOT that warm. Momslave said it was probably in the high 70's or low 80's. Well, it felt cold to us, and Jenna had her tail down at times, indicating that she was cold. But then she is a wus anyways. We had some friends join us today. Baree and Scout, Scout is the tri basenji that is on the table, Baree is the one closest to Jenna who is on the bench. Actually truth be told, and I always try and tell the truth, this photo was not taken today. But this is OUR picnic table and we always take it over, even if other people and dogs are there. We had another friend show up with her 2 basenji's also. Sanna and Rooti are both red and white. Sanna gets along with other dogs, but not with other basenjis. Go figure that one out will ya! So momslave had to let Sanna's slave Diane borrow one of our muzzles for Sanna. After that Sanna did ok, found out that she could not bite one of us (baseni's, but still she did some snarking). Dianeslave had to keep Rooti on a leash most of the time as he would wonder off and just start following other people. When momslave would call him, he came back, but Dianeslave got tired of the hassel (as she calls it) and put Rooti back on the leash.
  We had a fun. There was a dog there that wanted to play, but he started running instead, & we all joined in in chasing him. The humans were laughing and kept yelling at all of us to run, run run. Which we did. The other dog finally gave up the run, so that ended the chase. But it was fun while it lasted.
   This park also has a "sit and stay" cafe. Momslave had the 3 of us on our gentle leaders attached to the leash. That wasn't fun. There's food to be had! People had food on the tables, and we needed to get to those people so we could get to the food, but that's why momslave had us on the leash with the gentle leaders on. Said that we were not to grab other people's food. WHAT! Now that is so totally NOT fair.
    I guess overall it was an ok day. Not too hot, a tad chilly (windy since we were right across from San Fran). Till next time, ya'all come back now, ya hear.

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