Wednesday, August 26, 2009

We are new to this blogging stuff, and momslave wasn't too sure that she wanted us to be using her computer. We told her that some of our basenji friends already have blogs of their own, so she relented. There are rulz that she says we have to follow, or she will delete our blog. Rulz? what rulz? We don't obey any stinkin rulz. We're basenji's for crying out loud. We have a mind of our own, and will do as we please, thank you very much.

My name is Zak, and I am mostly the trouble maker, but Jenna and Dannii get in their fair share also. There is this email list that momslave is on; and once a year that have a thing called The revels (whatever that is). But momslaves and dadslaves can send in pictures by email for different things. Every year, it goes back and forth between me and a friend name Digger. We vie for first place for Devastation. This year, I let Digger win, as he did a REAL good job of chewing up a recliner/chair. I had to admire him, he did a fantastic job! While I only came in second for chewing up a nice hole in the carpet. Momslave was NOT happy!  BTW, I did a recliner/chair a couple of years ago, and came in 1st place. Dannii got first place for Trouble (he got mud all over one side of his face). He's trying to tell everyone that it a "facial", but we know better. Jenna also came in first place for her Tricks and High Jinx. She gave sonslave (momslave's son) a high-five. I have to admit, it was pretty good.  That's not me folks, I am the trouble maker. I like to chew, knaw, swallow, rip, shred all kind of things.......and not in that order!  Sonslave once had a pair of very expensive jeans, and had only got to wear them twice, before I chewed out the whole butt (and nothing but the butt)!!  He was NOT happy. I thought he would like my handiwork, but nope. He has no sence of humor. I truly thought he was going to do me bodily harm. I showed him my teeth (I wasn't going to bite....honest), it was just to warn him, but he was MAD, and just kept coming at me. I stood my ground, lowered my head to let him know I was sorry (hehehe, yeah right), and he just bopped me on the head. He's a sore sport.

Well, untill next time folks............hope ya'll come back now, ya hear


  1. Hey, Dannii, Zak, and Jenna! It's very cool that my blog inspired you to make one too. Maybe pretty soon every basenji in the world will have a blog. Basenjis rule! Yay!

  2. Your so right on, Piper. We have to thank you for doing a blog, and this feels pretty good that now we can do one for us too.