Saturday, August 29, 2009

HOT boy is it HOT

This was really a messed up morning for momslave. First off, it is already hot outside at 7a.m. Think I heard her say it was almost 77 degrees. Something like that. We know's she going to work, cuz she has her binder thingie and frozen water bottle. She leaves us home alone. Thought she would leave the front door open with the security screen door locked, but say's no, its going to be too hot. We like sitting at the open door and stare at the kitties. It is hot already. But wait, what do we hear? Momslave is back! yea.......maybe we can go to the nice dog park. We gets all excited and start prancing and looking at our leashes, but nope, momslave say's her first student of the morning cancelled as she was sick. (see momslave is a driving instructor, whatever that is). Say's she still has to go to work, but just a tad bit later in the morning. The 3 of us run out to the backyard and back again trying to let her know we want to go to the park. Its a no go. She's gotta go to work. What for? She always (at least most of the time), come's home smelling like another dog! I mean really, if your a driving instructor, aren't you suppose to be in the car going places, and not smell like a dog? She told us that some of her student's have dogs, and their dogs smell us on her, so they have to come and sniff her and then their smell gets on her! We think that's rude!!  How dare she pet another dog when we are stuck at home in a house with NO air conditioning?  When the new's was on, we heard her tell sonslave that the temp today was 104 degrees!  YIKES. That's hot.
This picture was taken a few years ago in July when it got up to 114 degrees. Momslave could not figure out why we would choose to lay on the carpet, when the kitchen floor or even the garage floor was a whole lot cooler. Well, we're basenji's and are unpredictable and we do as we please. If we want to lay on the carpet, then we will lay on the carpet. This is me in the middle with a purple collar on. I got sprayed by a skunk a few months ago, and that collar was thrown away. I now have a nice red one. Jenna is in front of me and the ol grump, Dannii is behind me. Looks like he's going to try and goose me in the behind.

We're going to try and go to sleep now. Its still very hot and no breeze at all. Momslave say's its cooler outside than what it is on the inside. Go figure. If she wants to sleep outside, then she can go sleep outside. We prefer the bed thank you very much.

Honestly we do not bite, you can bribe us with any kind of treat and we will sit for you, well, Dannii sometime's he jumps up and starts his dancin' routine. Please come and visit us. Till next time, ya'll come back now, ya hear?

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