Thursday, August 27, 2009

This is Jenna. I'm a girl basenji. Momslave call's me pretty girl (sometimes), and some not so nice name other 
times. See, Zak and I don't get to sleep with momslave, we sleep with the sonslave. Only his highness (Dannii) gets to sleep with momslave.
Dannii say's its because he's been here the longest, and that there was another female living here at the time too. She was a black and white basenji girl named MzLilli. He let Lilli sleep with him and momslave, but after Lilli crossed over the rainbow bridge, he liked having the bed to himself. If he could, he would even get momslave out of the bed, and have it all to himself. As if that would ever happen.

Anyway, back to me. It's ALL about me.  See, I was what they call "re-homed". My previous owners didn't want me anymore after I did something terrible. I'm not going to tell you what it was, cuz momslave doesn't even know. Momslave has been threatening to find me a new home also, cuz she thinks I pee and poo on the carpet. Maybe I have, and maybe I haven't. The poos are small, so it could be the the cat. Even momslave has thought that a couple of times. But she also said that somtimes the poos are too big for the cat to do. I'm not telling anyone anything! I am the princess around here, and things should be as they should be. I love to sunbath out in the backyard. I just don't like doing my "duty" back there. Don't ask, and I'll tel no lies.

Dannii here folks, you can't believe all what Jenna tell's you. She is a real witch (with a capital B) in basenji skin. She can get right down and dirty with the rest of us.  Whenever Zak or I get within 2 feet of here, she start's with her growling and snarking cuz she think's we're invading her territory. Give me a break why don't cha?  I'm am the senior basenji here. I am almost 10 years old (in December), but I don't act like it. Yeah, I've slowed down some. But you get me out to the park, and if there are things there that interest me, such as chasing another dog, I am off like a shot in the dark. I greet the other dogs's and their slaves, course, I guess if they are not a basenji, then they have owner's and NOT slaves. Yep, there's a few dogs I will growl at, but that's as far as it goes, cuz then momslave slaps this thing over my mouth. She call's it a muzzle, and I don't like it one bit. She said that evertime I even curl my lip at another dog or heaven forbid, growl at another dog, she's gonna slap that thing over my mouth. Its not a pretty sight folks, believe me.
I have to admit that this blogging thing is real kool. We just hope that we can get a following. We're always up to something (no good, as momslave would say. I try not to get into too much trouble, I like to leave that to Zak and Jenna.  Zak is still a young whippersnapper, and I like to try and teach him a thing or too, but he's trying to get bossy! With me, who IS the boss! So then he wants to fight. I'm game, but then that darn Jenna, she takes on whoever is winning the fight, and will go after the underdog along with the dog who is winning. Sometimes, its me, and have to admit a few times it was Zak. He charged at me, once or twice, and I got caught in a corner, so then I not only have to fight off Zak, but Jenna as well. So you see what I mean by her being a witch with a capital B in basenji skin.
People, people, please don't believe all that doo-doo that Dannii is spouting off.  I don't like to fight, really I don't. I would much rather find stuff to chew and shred, and rip or whatever, and Dannii happen's to be in the way.....well, then he's got to watch out, doesn't he?  He only think's of himself as the boss, when we all know that I am the true boss around here. Somebody is in my chair, I will "pretend" to try and engatge them into playing, but as soon as they jump out of the chair, its mine, ALL mine. But then you know what happen's, one of them, mostly it will be Jenna, she will come back and do the same dang thing to me, just to get me out of my chair! I fall for everytime. When the heck will I ever learn?
Well, that's it for now folks. We hear momslave coming, and we need to sign off for now. Ya'll come back now Ya hear.

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