Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lymphoma journey, Day 1 of diet

Well, for breakfast Dannii got a half a cup of cooked brown rice, and no it wasn't the burnt rice from the night before!  I, however did give some of that to the dogs, to see if any of them would eat it.  Zak and Jenna did eat some, but Dannii took one bite, and walked away from it. I expected as much. He also got two small boiled chicken breasts, a selenium and fish oil and a small tip of a teaspoon of organic garlic nuggets, fish oil, and a teaspoon of Call of the Wild (wet) food.

He finished most of it, but then had to go out to the backyard.  I think the food was a tad bit too dry, so I added a bit of hot water, and now am letting it soak up some, before I see if he will eat the rest of it.  Only about a quarter of cup (if that) left, but I would like him to finish it.

Dannii got the little bit of food that was left from his breakfast, along with come canned Call of the Wild.  There was not that much left over from breakfast, as I said, so I just gave him a teaspoonful of the can and mixed it in with what was left, and he ate the majority of it.  I let Zak finish it off.

For dinner, I am going to give him a small baked sweet potato, maybe one sardine piece, and some of his regular kibble.  He will also get a Co-enzyme Q-10 tablet.  Hopefully he will eat this without leaving any.  How yummy can you get?

Will let you all know how he did with his dinner, tomorrow.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Wow, if Dannii doesn't want all his food, you can just send it to me! All my mom gives me is boring old dog food!

    Your friend, Piper

  2. Now, that's funny, Piper. As much as I would like to send you my food, it would rot and spoil by the time it got to you!

    Your friend, Dannii