Sunday, October 30, 2011

Day 5 of so called diet

This so called diet, IT'S NOT WORKING!

Dannii has now become a very picky eater, where before, he basically would scarf down anything and everything.  Not anymore.

The last two days, I had trouble getting him to eat his breakfast.  I fixed him something that I thought he would eat, only to have him turn his nose up it!  Frustrating.

Friday morning, I scrambled him an egg, and he did eat that.  Surprise, surprise.  But wouldn't touch anything else.  Not even cat food.

Saturday morning, was trying what I could and he still wouldn't eat.  I was running out of time, as I had to leave for work.  So, scrambled up another egg for him, and he ate that.

Around 2:30 in the afternoon, my son call's me to tell me that Dannii had a seizure.  He's prone to these, but usually only has them at night, his last one, was just five day before, on Monday!  That one was 5 months and 3 days, since his last one.

Before I went home, I went to my local Petco to see if they had any DogSure. Its like Ensure that is for humans, but this is for dogs, and its a complete meal in a liquid form.  They had a couple, so I bought two cans.  Now, am wondering if Dannii would drink the darn stuff!  Well, the water bowl was empty, and he was looking for something to drink, so I poured the can into his bowl, and surprise, surprise, he drank most of it right then and there.  He kept going back to it, as I purposely did not fill the water bowl up.  I just wanted to make sure that I could get something into his tummy!  After he drank it, then I filled the water bowl up, and somewhere along the line, he used my living room floor for a swimming pool!  I have never seen so much pee.  He's never gone to the bathroom in the house before, so I let it slide.  He can get outside, it was just for some reason, he just peed on the floor.

Same ritual this morning, I couldn't get him to eat.  Thought I had it made, and gave him the rest of the can of sardines.  He started eating them, then I decided to put some crushed pills into the mix, and that was all she wrote.  He wouldn't touch the sardines after that!  Couldn't get him to take the Prednisone tablets either.  I put them in a piece of hotdog, and he just ate around the pills, and spit them out.  So, I put them in another piece of hot dog, and put it in a baggie with treats, and we went to the dog park.  When I was handing out treats, I gave him his hotdog, (he must have forgotten there were pills in it), and he ate it right up, pills and all.  Guess he didn't want to share.

I think he had a good day at the dog park.  Usually, he wonders off by himself to try and poop (with nothing coming out).  But, today, he stayed with the pack.  Today was our monthly basenji meet-up.  We had two new dogs that we have not seen or met before.  And they fit right into the pack.

Jackson is up front and center, and his mom, Phoebe, is right behind.  Both very nice dogs, but Phoebe, just like your typical female basenji, snarked and growled whenever anyone got too close.  They were both off leash, as they have been to this park before, but just not when we have been there!

Getting back to Dannii, I hope now that I will be able to get the Prednisone into him, and hopefully it will work to take some of the swelling down, and increase his appetite again.

It would be nice to be able to have surgery done to find out exactly what that mass is, and see if it could be removed, that is on the outside of his colon.  But my funds are next to nil, and all I can do is pray that this medicine will work, and that Dannii will be able to have some "normal" poops...........whatever that is, now.

Hope you all come back again, now hear?


  1. Dear Aunt Marti,
    My mom says she totally understands your frustration when a dog is sick and won't eat and won't take his pills. There were some days when Gabe wouldn't eat, or maybe he would only eat a scrambled egg. Also when Trixie was still alive, Mom had trouble getting her to eat sometimes. Trixie stopped taking her pills in any kind of stuff that Mom hid them in, and she had to have LOTS of pills because of her Fanconi, so Mom started just shoving the pills down Trixie's throat and then giving her a really yummy treat afterwards. That worked pretty well because Trixie didn't try to bite Mom's hand off, although some dogs might do that.

    Tell Dannii I said hi!

    Your friend, Piper

  2. Thank you Piper for the heads up. Mom is getting sneaky about where she puts my pills. I really don't have that many that I need to take, but I just don't like pills period. She outsmarted me this morning. I wouldn't take the Prednisone so she crushed them up and took a slice of bread and spread some peanut butter on it, then put the meds and then some more peanut butter. The fool that I am, ate it! I wouldn't bite mom, but came close a few times.