Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another trying day

Dannii does not have much of an appetite at all.  Course if its scrambled eggs, he will eat that up in no time! 

Yesterday was trying all around. I couldn't get him to eat much except for the scrambled eggs.  I have basically given up hope of ever getting him to take a Selenium pill.  He can smell that pill, so can I.  But, it boosts the immune system which is why I would like him to try and take one.  Have to find some way of doing that.  Need to think on that.

Didn't eat much for dinner, and I am so frazzled that now I forgot what I tried to get him to eat!  All I know is, he ate just a little bit, and that was all.  Gave him some DogSure, and he took some of that also.

Dannii and his niece, Jenna
He had a seizure on 24th of October. The first one in 5 months and 3 days.  Then he has one on the 29th in the afternoon.  He's never had them during the day before, they have always been at night.  My son called me at work, to let me know.  That's when I bought the DogSure in town and when I got home, I gave him a can, and he drank it.  Its a complete meal in a can.  Expensive tho.  Then last night after trying to get him to eat some dinner, I forgot to give him his Phenobarbital pills, so what happens?  He had a seizure at 2:15 this morning!  How could I be so dumb?  Got to make sure he gets and eats those Phenobarbital pills.

This morning, I took a raw egg, and mixed in a tablet of Fresh Factor, and some DogSure, and mixed it altogether.  He ate/drank most of that.  Would have liked him to finish it, so I put in some Call of the Wild canned food, but he was done eating.  Wouldn't take anymore.

Still had not gotten him to take his Prednisone pills, so I took a slice of bread and spread some peanut butter on it, poured the crushed Prednisone pills on it, spread a bit more peanut butter, and then folded it half, and cut it.  He ate all of that.  I was surprised.  So, if I try that one again, this time, I will only use half of a slice of bread.  Just to make sure he will eat the whole thing.

I will not be home tonight when he gets fed his dinner.  So I don't know what to tell my son to do.  Just give Dannii whatever he will eat.  Just so he gets something in his tummy.

Now that he's got at least three days worth of Prednisone in him (that I know of), I hope they start kicking in soon.  I want this lymphoma to shrink as much as possible, so he doesn't have so much trouble going poop.

Dannii soaking up some rays

This past Sunday, was a good day at the dog park for Dannii.  He pretty much stayed with the whole group.  The last Sunday of the month is our monthly Basenji Meet-up day.  Normally, he will wonder off and try and poop in private, nothing coming out. So, I always have to stop and look for him, and makes sure that he catches up to me.  Sunday however, he didn't do any of that, until we were on our way back to the car.  Then he would stop and try and poop every so often.  This picture here was taken by a friend (Meng), and its too bad that you can't see San Francisco in the back.  Off to the right of the picture you can see just a tad. It was a clear and warm day.  A good day for the dog park.  Hope we have some more, before the weather turns.

Not sure how long our journey is going to be, I hope it will be a good one for the duration that we have.  I don't want to see Dannii in pain.  It already breaks my heart when I watch him as he tries to go poop, and nothing is coming out.  Vet said if the colon get completely blocked, then Dannii will start throwing up, and he will get real sick.  I hope that does not happen for quite awhile, if at all.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Dear Dannii,
    You have the right idea about eating scrambled eggs. Eggs are very yummy, and they have nice protein and stuff like that in them. Also you should take all your pills and eat the other tasty things your mom gives you. I know it's hard if you don't feel very good, but you should do it anyway because it will make you feel better. At least that's my opinion!
    Your friend, Piper
    P.S. Say hi to Zak and Jenna for me.

  2. I erased the skyline so you can imagine it to be any city you want it to be. =) No, actually, I just didn't know what I was doing.

    Sent you a package this afternoon. You should get it very soon!