Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Monday 11-14-11

This is an older picture of Dannii.  Taken in September of last year.  My camera's charger is on the fritz, so had to order a new charger. Should be here in the next two days or so.

Ok, Monday morning.  I used up the last of the Zeal that I had.  Had put kibble in each of the dogs bowls, and since Jenna is having chewing problems, I really had to make sure her kibble was mush.  I added the Zeal to each of their bowls, and in no time at all, which included Dannii, all the bowls were empty!  I guess he finally likes that stuff, but I doubt if I am going to buy any in the near future.  I personally did not like the smell of the stuff, and it stayed with me for a long time.

The essiac tea 8 came in on Saturday, so I had been making sure that he is getting that twice a day.  Its suppose to be on an empty stomach, in the morning, its not a problem, but I have to make sure I give it to him before bed time, when his tummy is empty.  So far, so good.  He's been taking it without a problem.

Since I was at work for the dinner meal.  I made sure that my son knew how much food to give Dannii and also that Dannii's phenobaribital pills went from 1.5 down to just the one pill.  I got home at 8pm, and asked if Dannii ate and yes, he ate all his food.  Still was looking for a little bit more.  So, gave him a small scoup.

As long as he keeps eating, we're ok.  My prayer and wish is for Dannii to make it to his 14th birthday which will be 12-12-12.  He's turning 13 next month on 12-12-11, which is 27 days from now.

You all come back again, now hear?


  1. Yeah I agree, the Zeal stuff DOES stink. But to a dog's mind, the stinkier it is, the better, isn't it? =) I guess I got used to the smell after a while... They also have turkey, beef, and chicken-based formulas too. The turkey one also has a distinct smell, but doesn't smell too bad. People say the chicken one basically smells like chicken broth, which is a good thing.

    As long as Dannii is eating the Innova, that's great. Hopefully the meds are helping. Seems like there should be a more natural/non-prescription way to stimulate his appetite instead of the Ondansetron and Mirta~~. Maybe after he's got some momentum going, his appetite will improve in general.

  2. I don't think the Zeal smells too bad. Keen (turkey) it's got a funky smell that's not so awesome. Of the four I've gotten my hands on I think that Thrive and Verve smell the best. Not too overwhelming or any of that like Keen and Zeal are.