Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, and no dog park, but Dannii's eating!!

It rained all last night, and the friend that I usually meet up with at the dog park, emailed me last night, saying that she wasn't going to go today.  It turned out to be a nice day with no rain, but that was ok.  I had some things to do, so it was nice staying home for a change. Well, not exactly, has some errands I had to do.

For breakfast, first off I mixed Dannii's appetite pills, his pills for vomiting and a pepcid and his Phenobarbital pills all together, and put them in the baby food (he seems to love the Ham and Cheese by Gerber). I put some on a small teaspoon and he ate it.  He didn't get the whole jar as the pepcid and the other two pills are suppose to be on an empty tummy for a half hour before they can eat.  So, now I mixed a Fresh Factor pill (crushed) and mixed it in the rest of the baby food.   He will not eat the Fresh Factor pill at all, not even as a treat. Which says on the bottle to just drop in the food bowl and they will eat it.  Not my guys!  Even Jenna wouldn't eat, but you know who........yep Fatboy will eat anything!  Can always depend on Zak to eat something when no one else will.  So now I take the Presnisone pills and crush them up also.  Mixed it in with the baby food and Fresh Factor, he ate it.  In the meantime, he's getting several pieces of cooked liver and he eats those up.  Also gave him a few spoonfulls of Call of the Wild, but he only ate a bit of that.  He's looking like he still wants something else to eat.........or maybe he wants all the liver, right now?  I take a SammE pill, crush it up in some baby food, took a raw egg  and some Flaxseed oil, mixed it all together with a immersible beater, so now its like a smoothie.  I pour it into his bowl, and drink he all up!  I am impressed! A few more pieces of liver, and we are set for this morning.  He's got all his pills down and then some, except for the Selenium.  The smell of those are so awful, I just don't know what I can mix it in.  Maybe I will try another smoothie, and add a crushed Selenium to that.

Its about 3pm.  I bought a new bag of Innova Turkey and Chicken small bits. No grains and very, very low carbs.  I opened the bag, and just gave Dannii a small handful, walked away.  Ok, wait now.  I ran some hot water into the bowl, and let the kibbles soak up some of the water.  Viola!  We have lift off.  He ate them!  Hopefully, I won't have to take the bag back.  But am hanging onto the receipt just in case.

I have DirecTv, and my receiver went out on Friday.  I called them, and they are shipping out a new receiver, but won't have it until Tuesday........hopefully!  I am going nuts with No tv.  Granted I don't watch much tv, but I do like it on for background noise.  Guess I have to resort to watching movies now.  What really irks me is that I have some shows that I had recorded, and haven't watched yet, now I won't be able to watch them at all now.   That's what I get for putting things off.

I just went in the kitchen to check on the turkey legs, looks like they are done.  So turned the stove off and Dannii is hanging out by his bowl.  So, I take some of the new food I bought and poured more that what I thought he would eat in, and poured in some hot water, let it soak a bit. He ate it up.  I gave the rest that I had taken out of the bag, and wet it with hot water, and he ate all of that.  Its not even dinner time yet!

Well, for dinner I gave Dannii 1 cup of the Innova Turkey and Chicken, but I soaked it in the warm left over water from what I cooked the turkey legs in.  He ate all of it, except for a very small amount.  I am surprised that he ate that much too.  So the little bit left over, was ok.  His phenobarbital pills went into a hot dog, and of course he ate that too.  He does take the hot dog, takes a bite and then drops it, just to make sure no pills are inside.  Cleaver pup to be sure.  He's got me well trained in trying to find out how hard I can hide those pills from him!!

All pills done for today, so it was a good day, as far as I am concerned.  Hope we have more days like this where he will eat.

You all come back again, now hear?

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