Monday, November 14, 2011

11-12-11 & I'm sick, & 11-13-11 & the dog park

First off, I got sick Friday night.  It was something I ate, as I was throwing up,  Sick to my stomach and just couldn't get warm.  May sound like to flu to some, but I been taking Selenium and a Ester C for many years now, and have never had the flu.  Nope, this was diffentley something I ate.  Started trying to call my office manager at 6:30am, but she had her phone off.  I did call the office and left a message on the machine there, just to make sure somebody, somewhere knew that I wasn't going to be working today.  I finally got ahold of my office manager around 8am.  Her cell phone was still off, so its a good thing I called the office again, and she answered.  It was all I could do to stay awake that long, and try and keep from throwing up any more.  Fell back to sleep, but then the dogs reminded me that they needed  their breakfast.

Hard to get out of bed, stomach rolling and turning with my every step.  First I had to make sure Dannii got his pills before he could actually eat breakfast.  Got all of that over and done with it. Thank goodness he is eating now, and not too much trouble in taking his normal pills.  Its only when I try to give him his supplements, do I run into problems.  Since I wasn't feeling well, I just left out the supplements, just made sure that he got his pills that he needed.

I gave him about a half of a cup of his Innova Turkey and Chicken which he readily ate up.  Thank goodness, he likes that.

Sunday, 11-13-11

Stomach is still a tad queasy, but not like yesterday.  Its a nice day.  Dannii got his pills.  I used some of the Zeal for the dogs breakfast.  Since Jenna is having so much trouble with her teeth, I have to truly soak her kibble and then mush it down.  She has no problems with the Zeal at all.  Dannii ate "some" of his breakfast, but did not finish it.  For some reason, this time, Zak left Dannii's bowl alone, and did not finish it off like he normally does.

I also notice that Dannii is shivering, so I put on his dog sweater.  Its a tad chilly here at the house, windy outside, so all the dogs get their sweaters on.  We went to the dog park, but I can't load any pictures, as all my batteries died, but the charger, itself, quit working.  So just ordered a new one, and is suppose to be here on the 17th or 18th, I'll upload some pics then, if I have any good ones, but at least you all will be able to see the sweaters that they were wearing.  The sweaters were hand knitted, but not by me.  I got them from Sally Wallis who gets "donated yarn", makes the sweaters and sells them on eBay, and the money then goes to BRAT (Basenji Rescue and Transport).  I emailed her and asked for some certain colors, if she has the colors, that's fine, if not, then your out of luck, I would guess.  I just gave her some general colors, like pastels for Jenna, red and black and white for Zak, some dark and light blues for Dannii.  They turned out great, but I think just a bit too big on the sides.
They got alot of compliments on the sweaters of course, and I thought that was great.  Course some were looking at us as to why the dogs had the sweaters still on, after now it got warm.  I don't know, I was afraid that if I took Dannii's off, he would get the chills, and I didn't want to do that.  I also need to let you all know, that Dannii finally had his tail up!  He's had it hanging down for so many months now, I think he forgot that the tail does got up!

When we got home, Dannii finished his breakfast.  I guess he was still hungry.  Good boy.  Since he ate the rest of his breakfast, now I had to wait a bit longer before they got their dinner.  Again he got his Innova Turkey and Chicken, plain, nothing added, and he ate it up.

I had ordered some Essiac 8 tea in capsules, and I knew they should have been here by now, but weren't.  Well, nobody went and checked to mail on Saturday.  My son checked the mailbox on Sunday and the tea was there.  The capsules are softgels and they are about an inch long, and I'm thinking "oh boy, here we go again".  But I took a slice of lunch meat, and laid out two pills, end to end, and rolled up the lunchmeat, like a roll. Dannii didn't even stop, he just inhaled the whole thing!  I am thinking this is just a one time thing, and he won't do it again.  The pills are for 30 days at 4 pills a day, two in the morning and two in the evening.  Not counting when I take some, and they cost $40.00.  So now that's another expense I have going to have to make sure that I got covered.

Not to gross anybody out, but before Dannii got on Prednisone, the lymphoma was causing him a hard time to poop, and he would normally have some light blood drip down his backside.  Since the prednisone has kicked in the the lymphoma has shrunk, he doesn't strain going to the bathroom now, but instead of having some blood drip down his backside, now its poop. So, I have to make sure that he is really cleaned up after he goes to the bathroom.

I am writing this on Monday morning, and am feeling a bit better.  I took a Prevacide and a Pepcid AC and it seems to have quiet my stomach some.  I am working today, so I best get on the ball, and get ready.

You all come back again, now hear?

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  1. My sis came down with something over the weekend too. Boo on nasty sudden sicknesses that lurk in the air and the food! Hope you're feeling better now.

    Thanks also for the update on Dannii. The dog we used to dogsit who was diagnosed with lymphoma had a period where he wasn't eating either. Then when he was able to get the prednisone in his system, he got way better for a while. It made him a little plump, but he continued to have a pretty good quality of life for a while.

    I didn't know Sally Wallis made sweaters. Can't wait to see pix of the Trobulemakers in theirs!